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Saturday, January 02, 2016
Hello, everyone or one(?). Haha.

I can't believe I've only written three posts in 2015. That's terrible of me.

But the truth is *gasp* I've been writing elsewhere.

And I think it's a good time to sort of move permanently there.

I really like Blogspot but I've never been the staying kind so... yea.

I really want to start writing again and to write with more depth and truth. In the years that I've blogged, I know that most of my posts are superficial. They are mostly things that I've done or experienced but says nothing much about how I feel or what I think.

What scares me the most about writing like that is how transparent I would be to the world. Part of me don't want to expose myself like that but perhaps it could turn into a good experience and some sort of therapy for me. Yayy.

So, that's one of my goals this year  to write more and to write better.

See you peoples there!


Go with all your heart.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Date: 24th July 2015
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium

Yes, crazy fan here if you didn't already know. It just wasn't easy accepting that we did not watch the Malaysian concert. How could we not go?

And they did add another day to the concert, so there we were. It was crazy hectic as it was again held on the same day some famous football team was here. Seeing that we don't have the convenience and ease of public transport, you can imagine how congested the roads were. Added to the fact that it was a Friday, a lot of people were rushing over for the game.

We should have gone as early as we could but that ended up not happening. Thank the heavens that the cars I double parked were able to wriggle out and I didn't have to leave the concert because of them.

I'm sure you know how I feel about the concert by now. I believe I said it was amazing, mind blowing, crazy good. Well, it was twice that since I watched it for the second time. :D

One thing stood out, Malaysian VIPs really really love Daesung. It seemed like everyone screamed the loudest for him, it was adorable. I'm glad everyone's crazy over him.

The fans were definitely louder and more passionate in Malaysia. Probably because we don't see them as often as our neighbours. The colours of their outfits were different, but other than that, they delivered a stellar performance. 

The concert ended and I left with a heavy heart, empty pocket but a full heart of just Big Bang awesomeness. It was the best Friday of my 2015.

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If You.
Monday, August 10, 2015
Date: 18th July 2015
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

I know it's been forever since I last wrote and I thought, "Why not end the drought with a bang?" Haha, I know. #lamepun But seeing how I have not been in the mood to write, trying to stage a comeback with something I'm always passionate about is a good place to start.

And that is none other than my best 오빠들—Big Bang.

Jill and I decided that going to the Singapore concert was our best bet on getting the most original version of concert. Yes, we were paranoid about the various rules and regulations our dearest country cook up as they please. To avoid that, we decided to go for the Singapore concert. Although, in hindsight, we needn't had to. Oh, well. Money's for spending, right? And where better to spend it than on the boys who bring so much joy and love into my life? 

So, we took a bus down, reached in the afternoon, checked in to our hostel, had lunch and went over to the stadium. Turned out that the concert was on the very same day that the Liverpool/Chelsea/some famous football team were having a match. You can imagine the human traffic that were uncles, families with little boys and white men mixed with teenage girls dressed in hip hop attire and ahjumma fans all breathing down each other's necks as we attempt to arrive in one piece at the stadium.

It was hot, there were people everywhere and getting a drink meant having to queue up for 20 minutes just to pay for it. By the time we reached, it was too late to look for fan merchandise and all that. Quite sad but we can live without it. It would be nice to feel like we're a part of the VIP community though.

We got in about 6pm, found our seats which were pretty satisfactory. But I think my goal as a fan (which I really hope to reach) is to be able to see them up close which means front row seats/standing pits/super expensive tickets. And that is why I need to find myself a job. /sigh

The concert started a bit later and it was amazing, mind blowing, crazy good. Would I have any other adjectives to describe it? It is after all, Big Bang.

Props were minimal but the usage of the split stage was brilliant. It got the boys closer to the fans and at the same time, gave them more space to jump around and stuff. The screens and the projections were used very cleverly, I mean they could just use it to show us their faces but they did more than that. It was artistic, actually and really complimented the performances and the song. The screens were simple but effective and even gave a sense of class to the whole thing.

Singapore Day 1

The boys were beautiful, energetic and really cute with their English. Seungri was attempting to speak Mandarin, good efforts but you could tell it was learned from the China concerts and well, since the way it's spoken is a little different outside of China, it was obvious. 

The songs they performed were mostly their recent hit songs. Considering how each of them have so much solo work on their own, enough to hold an entire concert by themselves, it couldn't have been easy fitting everyone in. We did manage to see at least one song from each of them and collabs such as Seungri's Let's Talk About Love and GDYB's Good Boy. The performances were so good!

TOP in Doom Dada was scary, Daesung in Wings was exciting, everything else was Big Bang standard and that's the highest. We got to see Sober and If You performed. Just remembering how GD sounded in If You, my heart melts. My babies did very very well in the concert.

And it was a very sad moment when it ended about 2 plus hours later. 

Which is why I ended up going for the Malaysia concert too. Heeh. That would be in the next post.

Fancams can be found in my Youtube playlist here. ^^ 
All credits to Jill of course and her iPhone 5.

Till then.

사랑이 떠나가요
나는 바보처럼 멍하니 서있네요

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Sup, 2015.
Wednesday, February 04, 2015
It's February which means it's past time that I get around to my 2014 summary post.

If 2013 was the year everything changed, 2014 kept it up. 

I mean, come on! I started the year driving because of my internship. It's crazy! Till now, I can't believe that I've already driven for a year. Driving has to be one of my greatest challenge and yet, knowing that I conquered it (without getting into any major accidents!) has made me feel more confident about myself.

Internship was an eye-opener; it has totally changed the way I think about myself. I think I've finally internalised what Adhila and Eric have been telling me throughout our sessions together. Not only that, I've also found out what I truly want out of my life, what is important to me, what drives me. So, that has been an awesome experience.

Then, it was hectic uni life and getting back into the groove. In the midst of this was my 100 days of trial with boyfriend. It was truthfully, a terrible time. The anxiety, the helplessness, the hope, all bitter sweet but I guess, seeing that we did end up together, it wasn't too bad of an idea.

Relationships are all about ups and downs, wrongs and rights, trial and error. Despite all that, the fact that we made it to 10 months now is pretty amazing. :D There is no one (Kpop don't count!) I rather call boyfriend than you. 


Popo Chen passed away. There are still days where I'm surprised by the fact that she's no longer around. I can still remember the day that I finally realized she was gone for good—daddy was talking about grandchildren and I thought Popo would be happy about that and then realised she isn't around to see them.


I have finally handed up my thesis. Not my best work but it is now in the hands of God (please, I just want to pass!) and the lecturers who will mark it. Still, I am glad that this part of my life is over. I can no longer call myself a student.

Which means my next phase in life is starting or should I say, it already has? I'm not too sure about this part and honestly, I am in no great hurry to decide. I just feel like taking a break and doing what I want to do. Probably not the wisest thing but I feel like I need time to figure out what I am going to do next.

I've always thought being an adult was pretty clear-cut. Being able to drive would make me an adult. Earning a monthly income would make me an adult. Owning a credit card would make me an adult. Getting older should make me an adult. While they are milestones I am proud to have achieved, I found that none of them makes me an adult. In fact, I'm not sure I'll ever be.


2015, I think will be a year for me. For me to learn about what I want, where I want to go, and what I want to do with pretty much the rest of my life.

I really hope I'll find the answer before the year ends.


Have me a good time, before my time is up

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My Christmas Wish List.
Friday, December 19, 2014
I'm really doing this for the fun of it. There is some scientific research somewhere that says just the idea of a holiday and planning for it brings increased joy; this is something similar.

So you know, if you want to get me any of these, feel free to but there's no obligation or subtle hinting (ahem, except for ze boyfriend). Heeh.

In no particular order, lets commence.


The last new wallet I had was my Braun Buffel wallet which was a birthday gift. That was 3 years ago? Not really old but I feel like I should change, you know, to start afresh. 

I'm going to be quite specific with what I want because I don't believe in spending money on something that would turn out to be useless to me.

There are a few important aspects; type, material, and colour.

Type of wallet should be something like the Fossil wallet below. I don't want anything too bulky; as compact as possible is best. If its not obvious enough by the three examples below, a long horizontal wallet is what I want. Was thinking if a zipped kind would be good but considering my clumsiness, the zip would just annoy me (I'm not very good with zippers).

I like things that stand out. Red is usually my go-to colour because finding a pretty (non-tacky) yellow wallet is quite difficult me thinks although this Coach blue is pretty too. When it comes to colour, the idea is that it should be able to withstand (read:hide) dirtiness. Again, my clumsiness.
Leather is probably not the best material for me. My Braun Buffel is so scratched, I'm ashamed of showing it to anyone. No amount of free polishing can save it. >< If it must be leather, there are those rough kind where scratches won't show, yea, those will be good. Or cloth (like the Billabong below).

A good wallet is one that is comfortable to use, easy to maintain and stands out/classy without looking tacky. ^^


My mum has been saying forever about how she's getting me a new watch but so far, no show. 

Again, I'm gonna be picky. Leather straps is a must; average thickness, none of those thin ones. Was going for dark brown but I saw blue and it looks good too. :D No white, absolutely no white. Round faces, no squares or ovals.

Nothing too bling; gold is always a good colour on me, silver not so much. Design should be simple, leaning more towards a subtle elegance. Nothing bulky or flashy. No giant numbers on the face.

Daniel Wellington watches seem to be 'in' brand lately. And... I approve! Haha. The watches are simple and classy and there are even couple watches! *hint hint*

Ooooh, are they gorgeous or what? Okay, mind made, this is absolutely what I want. 


To be precise, a wireless mouse. Nothing expensive. It just has to be functional and smooth.

And maybe a mouse pad to go with it? Preferably with a wrist rest? Heeh.

Xiao Mi 3 Phone Cover!

Is there one that has all the features of the covers below? Lol. 

One that is able to answer phone calls without flipping over, a touch of yellow on the covers and and the same time, allow my phone to stand so that I can play my Plants Vs Zombies 2 without my fingers cramping?

Off shoulder tops/dresses!

I've been looking and looking but it's so hard to find the one I want. I came close to getting one but there was something wrong with it and there went my off shoulder dress. It was even yellow! ㅠㅠ

This dress comes the closest to what I want. Or this. 

Or tops like these.

The reason I like this is you guessed it, the yellow daisies. :D

And this ends my wishlist. 

I'm just writing this for my own enjoyment, so yea, no pressure.

Can't wait for Christmas!

Tis' the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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Cus I've got a blank space, baby
Thursday, December 04, 2014

What is this? 
December already?
How can it be?

Alas, the calendar speaks nothing but truth for the 12th month of the year is already in its 4th day. I shall not lament about how time zooms by like a laser beam and leaves us so ever mercilessly.

I am merely here to bid hello, for I have been gone for far too long. I am here to say that things are going well, as well as change, nerves and pressure can be.

To say my procrastination is dragging me down is an understatement, I'm more like buried six feet deep and tied to something dark and heavy. I am worried, in a sort of back of my mind kinda way. Or perhaps I am just running away (ironically) because I think the answer will crush me, as it has before. I am not sure how to deal with it, the last time it happened, I somehow (Thank God) got a life jacket while drowning in my own tears. Not sure it's gonna happen this time again, actually no, don't want it to even be an option. It can't happen again. This struggle annoys the hell out of me. Urgh.

Okay, back to December and all the bright shiny things it has to offer. Looking forward to next week's escapade and Christmas! How can I be down when Christmas is just around?

This past 11 months have been a ride of new beginnings, new endings, new opportunities and new love. If 2013 was crazy, this year has been crazier (but like in a much better less-heartbreaking way).

I guess a review post will come up some time later, probably after the curse of my thesis(!) has lifted. Oh, this burden is damn heavy to carry.

Let's keep things positive yes?

 One more day to Friday! We can do it!


And I'll write your name

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23rd Birthday.
Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hello. I'm here to document my 23rd birthday. It started with mummy coming down to KL a little earlier to celebrate with me. We had ribs! It was a good fulfilling dinner. Meat is the way to go!

And then, there was a lunch buffet with boyfie's family as his birthday was earlier than mine. His mum celebrated mine together too. Aww ^^

And then, there was dinner with the girls on a public holiday. Didn't know it was a birthday dinner until they told me not to pay for it. :D that particular day was a bad one, so the girls (plus Jacky heeh) really made my day. 

Of course, cg celebrated with me too. Love the presents! Haha :D (Jill had inside source!)

And then, there was the birthday day itself where boyfie and I stayed at Aloft Sentral because I won a free stay there from a lucky draw in church. The hotel was pretty and I liked the interior design and the whole feel of it. No bathtub in their Loft Room though :(

Followed by dinner in Black Market at St Mary Place. Dinner was good, the ambiance was nice but the company was the best. Heeh.

Of course, there was a party where I got pretty high and everyone were sneakily happy about it. I had a really good time and I hope others did too. My last time getting this tipsy though, the effects are too terrible to go through again. Love and thanks to boyfie who took care of me the whole night.

And to finish off, my birthday dinner cooked by daddy! ^^ We had roast pork with apple sauce and Cammie baked alcoholic cupcakes (do I sense a theme here?) as my birthday cake. yum yum!

And this ends my birthday post. One year older, one year wiser? Haha. As I look back, there have been so much that I have gained and I look forward for more. A big happy thank you to everyone who wished me, who celebrated with me, who prayed for me, who loved me.

Here's to a great rest of the week. Two more days to a long weekend yea. 


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