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If You.
Monday, August 10, 2015
Date: 18th July 2015
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

I know it's been forever since I last wrote and I thought, "Why not end the drought with a bang?" Haha, I know. #lamepun But seeing how I have not been in the mood to write, trying to stage a comeback with something I'm always passionate about is a good place to start.

And that is none other than my best 오빠들—Big Bang.

Jill and I decided that going to the Singapore concert was our best bet on getting the most original version of concert. Yes, we were paranoid about the various rules and regulations our dearest country cook up as they please. To avoid that, we decided to go for the Singapore concert. Although, in hindsight, we needn't had to. Oh, well. Money's for spending, right? And where better to spend it than on the boys who bring so much joy and love into my life? 

So, we took a bus down, reached in the afternoon, checked in to our hostel, had lunch and went over to the stadium. Turned out that the concert was on the very same day that the Liverpool/Chelsea/some famous football team were having a match. You can imagine the human traffic that were uncles, families with little boys and white men mixed with teenage girls dressed in hip hop attire and ahjumma fans all breathing down each other's necks as we attempt to arrive in one piece at the stadium.

It was hot, there were people everywhere and getting a drink meant having to queue up for 20 minutes just to pay for it. By the time we reached, it was too late to look for fan merchandise and all that. Quite sad but we can live without it. It would be nice to feel like we're a part of the VIP community though.

We got in about 6pm, found our seats which were pretty satisfactory. But I think my goal as a fan (which I really hope to reach) is to be able to see them up close which means front row seats/standing pits/super expensive tickets. And that is why I need to find myself a job. /sigh

The concert started a bit later and it was amazing, mind blowing, crazy good. Would I have any other adjectives to describe it? It is after all, Big Bang.

Props were minimal but the usage of the split stage was brilliant. It got the boys closer to the fans and at the same time, gave them more space to jump around and stuff. The screens and the projections were used very cleverly, I mean they could just use it to show us their faces but they did more than that. It was artistic, actually and really complimented the performances and the song. The screens were simple but effective and even gave a sense of class to the whole thing.

Singapore Day 1

The boys were beautiful, energetic and really cute with their English. Seungri was attempting to speak Mandarin, good efforts but you could tell it was learned from the China concerts and well, since the way it's spoken is a little different outside of China, it was obvious. 

The songs they performed were mostly their recent hit songs. Considering how each of them have so much solo work on their own, enough to hold an entire concert by themselves, it couldn't have been easy fitting everyone in. We did manage to see at least one song from each of them and collabs such as Seungri's Let's Talk About Love and GDYB's Good Boy. The performances were so good!

TOP in Doom Dada was scary, Daesung in Wings was exciting, everything else was Big Bang standard and that's the highest. We got to see Sober and If You performed. Just remembering how GD sounded in If You, my heart melts. My babies did very very well in the concert.

And it was a very sad moment when it ended about 2 plus hours later. 

Which is why I ended up going for the Malaysia concert too. Heeh. That would be in the next post.

Fancams can be found in my Youtube playlist here. ^^ 
All credits to Jill of course and her iPhone 5.

Till then.

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