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Thursday, December 04, 2014

What is this? 
December already?
How can it be?

Alas, the calendar speaks nothing but truth for the 12th month of the year is already in its 4th day. I shall not lament about how time zooms by like a laser beam and leaves us so ever mercilessly.

I am merely here to bid hello, for I have been gone for far too long. I am here to say that things are going well, as well as change, nerves and pressure can be.

To say my procrastination is dragging me down is an understatement, I'm more like buried six feet deep and tied to something dark and heavy. I am worried, in a sort of back of my mind kinda way. Or perhaps I am just running away (ironically) because I think the answer will crush me, as it has before. I am not sure how to deal with it, the last time it happened, I somehow (Thank God) got a life jacket while drowning in my own tears. Not sure it's gonna happen this time again, actually no, don't want it to even be an option. It can't happen again. This struggle annoys the hell out of me. Urgh.

Okay, back to December and all the bright shiny things it has to offer. Looking forward to next week's escapade and Christmas! How can I be down when Christmas is just around?

This past 11 months have been a ride of new beginnings, new endings, new opportunities and new love. If 2013 was crazy, this year has been crazier (but like in a much better less-heartbreaking way).

I guess a review post will come up some time later, probably after the curse of my thesis(!) has lifted. Oh, this burden is damn heavy to carry.

Let's keep things positive yes?

 One more day to Friday! We can do it!


And I'll write your name

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