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Saturday, December 07, 2013
i will always regret not being able to attend SS5 while i was in Korea. how could i have missed it right? ㅠㅠ thankfully, they did come to Malaysia and yea, i was a happy fangirl.

Super Show 5
Date: 23rd Nov 2013
Time: 5.00pm
Venue: Putra Indoors Stadium

apparently, we've pretty much jumped out of our crazy fangirl bandwagon since we have now graduated to being pretty chilled about arriving just before the concert starts and not even attempting to smuggle cameras in. its amazing! we arrived around 4pm, walked around, got my lightstick, took pics with the cut-out boards outside of the Kyochon booth and got ourselves in.

the concert started pretty on time and then, it was 3 hours of awesomeness that is Super Junior.

i have missed them so much. our seats were pretty high up but the view was just nice. we could see the entire setup from the main stage to the extensions which meant we could see where everyone was. this time around, they were pretty well distributed, all of them were at our sides and we all got to scream at our bias as they sing and dance in front of us. unfortunately, we were too high up for them to pay much attention to. D:

but being the mature fans that we are, we learn to take what we can get and just scream our hearts anyway because that's the way we show that we love them. and yes, i'm blabbing nonsense. their English were adorable. "DO YOU HAPPY?" oh, Donghae. precious bbs.

the concert was 3 hours long which was odd seeing how little solos and groups that performed. no complaints here because everyone was gorgeous. Mi and Min were my poison. (fangirl moment) they always are. i love Mi's smile, it always gets to me, so beautiful its blinding. and Min, my heart will always be for Min. how could anyone not love him? of course, i was paying a lot of attention to Hyuk too. that boy is my future husband! ㅋㅋㅋ 

and Kangin! so happy to see him happy. ^^ and Heechul of course. how could anyone miss Heechul? he was his usual cheeky crazy self. and Kyu jumping and headbanging so adorably. and Hae being Hae. Siwon and his amusing and surprisingly accurate English. Hyuk being the leader, staying last and bowing and waving to everybody. he might even have teared up a bit or is that just the lighting? Shindong and Min being playful and dorky. Henry looking so confident and happy. Wook being his usual weird self. Mi being beautiful (yes, i know i've mentioned it before) and Suju being Suju, just having a great time on stage with each other and with the fans. so glad to see their brotherhood and friendship still so strong and true.

it was an awesome, spectacular, great, wonderful concert where i screamed and sang along till my voice was hoarse. i'm so so thankful that they came over to Msia despite its no taking off shirt rule which the boys were sad about. lol. looking forward to Super Show 6!

ELF forever!

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