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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
a little update as i've been MIA for a while now. lets just say that i am definitely feeling a lot better about the whole break up thing. its always nice to know that i don't really run out of guys' attention. sounds pompous, i know but i'm grateful for their attention (and distraction), girls too. heeh. after the being heartbroken thing, its very encouraging to know that i'm not broken to these people who sees me and likes me. being dumped kinda decreases your self-esteem for a while, you know. meh. i'm much better now. ^^ i'm not gonna let this spoil the rest of Korea for me.

but looking back, i have spent half of spring cooped up in my room. oops. i don't exactly feel any loss there, not when my time has been filled with watching k-dramas full of eye candies. oh, all these tall, lanky guys with smiling eyes and beautiful teeth, why must you torture me so with your good looks and long legs? i couldn't ask for a better way to spend my time. hehe.

i started off with watching School 2013. it had really good reviews and of course, the driving force behind its success other than its real portrayal of Korean school life is its two leading actors, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. /cue to swoon. i can't even decide which one i like better but hey, why do i even need to choose? ^^

the plot was good, no love story in between though which was a bit odd but they did portray the life of Korean students pretty well according to what i've read. and if their life is really like that, i feel really sad for them. there's no perfect education system in any country but the societal/parental pressure here in Korea for students to succeed makes it worse. ah, i'm blabbing. in conclusion, good drama, good-looking guys, good way to spend my evenings.

then, i moved on to A Gentleman's Dignity. why didn't i find out about this sooner? i think it made a lot of noise when it aired but somehow i paid no attention to it. well, i just finished watching it over the weekend and its really good. the kind of good where i don't want to leave that world and makes me feel like crying because its over. all i want to do is cling on and yell, "don't gooooo~". ㅠ.ㅠ

of course, another bunch of good-looking men over here. all way older but no less appealing, i guarantee you. kinda makes me want to be older so that it seems less wrong to fall head over heels for them, especially Jang Dong Gun. (。♥‿♥。) yes, that's my face through out the drama. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

what i like about this drama is that as much as this was a romantic comedy drama, there was a lot of friendship, brotherhood, life lessons and the four of them with their own charm really pulls you in. there wasn't a dull moment and the four love stories going on doesn't leave you with time to get bored. you might get the impression that the drama may be more suitable for the older, more adult generation but i think the younger generation would have a lot of fun watching this and may even end up learning a thing or two. in general, i just super like this show okay. not to mention, Jonghyun from CNBlue and Kim Woo Bin are acting in it; pretty much covers the taste of all women viewers. :D unfortunately, this is also sparked my crazy fan mode and now, i'm all flailing and obsessing over Jonghyun/CNBlue. (●♡∀♡)

somewhere in the last week, i had the opportunity to eat meat and watch not just one but two movies with someone other than myself. heeh. i'm still not sure if this progress is a good thing but who am i kidding? i'm just glad there is someone who wants to hold my hand even when it gets sweaty. ㅋㅋㅋ i shouldn't/wouldn't/couldn't ask for more, really.

Oblivion is... good. there has been a lot of end of the world or post-end of the world movies around but this one definitely came with a twist. the plot was clever, i'm still trying to figure out bits of it and well, i'm not a good critic. so like any other consumer, i can only say this, it was worth my time and money and aren't those the important factors?

now, this one, i had no idea about. it was the other only English movie that sounded reasonably okay and at first, i thought it was some spoof/parody of Twilight/vampire/werewolves by the look of the poster. turned out i was way off course. this was actually a well-made movie with a solid plot and story. i don't recognize any of the cast and i just found out that this was based on a book. anyway, this movie was good, give it a shot if it plays in your cinemas.

okay, so my update wasn't so little after all. haven't blogged in a while, that's why. 

i've been feeling very blessed, knowing that i've been blessed all along. again, i learn to appreciate the small things, the moments of laughter and peace; with friends or by myself, the wind in my hair, the cherry blossoms before my eyes and strangers who become friends. i'm still learning, still growing.

p.s. congrats on being baptised, little sister. (:

let go, let God.

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