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Friday, August 24, 2012
its been super busy as expected. can't really write anything in a chronological order. so, i'm just gonna blog whatever that comes into my mind. one of the most recent event was the BNTS/ANTS camp back in Ipoh. travelled back last Thursday and attended the camp as a first aide. and no, i do not have any experience with first aid. :/ which explains why i am so ever grateful that the only first aid i performed was putting a plaster on a girl's hand.

the rest of the camp was spent in the media room (which is air-conditioned :D) playing cards and practicing my snap while the campers march under the hot sun or sit in classes being coached on goal setting and whatnot.

the picture below was taken after we threw water balloons and splash water on each other. the water balloons were for the games we prepared for the campers but it started raining and we had to send the campers back in to avoid any of them falling sick. then, we took the liberty of not wasting the water balloons we made and had fun while at it.

camp helpers.

it was pretty uneventful but it did make me realize how much i miss marching and how smart and handsome the Boys' Brigade uniform is. anyone looks good in it, even girls.

went for dinner with the BFFs immediately after the camp ended. really glad for the opportunity to meet up with them because i thought i wouldn't be able to. we had a very compressed and efficient sharing over the 2 hours-ish time we had together. (: we managed to catch up on the important stuff and then nearly died twice on the way home but all was good and in no time, i was on the train back here.

before i left for camp, there was a Mamak competition where my team mate, Jolene and i were to make roti canai in the most creative manner possible. it was interesting, i guess but not very successful unfortunately.

what else? so far i'm concentrating on the Future In Neon stuff. was in uni these past two days helping out with the student help desk booth. a good experience plus we get to meet people and hopefully, invite them to CF and all that. explains the lack of sleep i'm getting. 

i finally entered modern communication with the help of a borrowed phone from my stepmum. i'm on whatsapp, instagram and viber, play games on my phone and constantly updated through facebook and twitter. feels exciting but i need to get a data plan first. heeh.

this should be it. i've got a few posts planned in my head and in the drafts that i've been meaning to write. will get to them soon.

goodnight and God bless!

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