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Monday, May 07, 2012
 i'll keep this short cus i need to get back to studying for my abnormal psy quiz.

Saturday: Service was really good! everyone in church is always on a hype when Ps. Kong comes to CHCKL but this time, it was even a bigger deal because he brought along quite a lot ppl (famous ppl at that) for the Crossover service.

the service was even held in two parts where we had a short break in the middle to fill our stomachs and empty our bladders. the two services were filled with performances. we had performances by our own dance group, Taiwanese artists, O School (which is the largest dance academy in South-East Asia) and of course, Sun.

Ps. Kong

 Ps. Kong shared about Sun's crossover project and how successful it is and also the ups and downs they went through. its was really awe-inspiring to listen to everything they did for God. not to mention, this is the first time

Sun Ho

i was really touched by Sun's testimony and encouraged too. (: overall, it was a great experience and its really too bad if anyone missed it. in case you're curious, i did manage to take a few videos of the performances. they're over at my youtube account.

after service, i got the opportunity to watch Avengers and the movie is EPIC. abuden? but i was sitting in the first row and everything seemed to move so fast! planning to watch it again with more appropriate seat. :D

and i am so in love with Jeremy Renner. he plays Hawkeye in Avengers but i started noticing him in the 4th Mission Impossible. he's so good-looking! :DD

and he's so super yeng in this scene! kyaaaa~

Sunday: was serving in nursery. lots of babies to take care of which meant i couldn't catch what Ps. Kong was preaching about. went for lunch with cell group and we celebrated Elysia's super belated birthday!

with birthday girl!

the whole gang :D

after lunch, i went home and crashed; literally. and now, i gotta get back to my notes.

till the next time, goodnight and God bless!

no reservation, faith don't be silent.

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