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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

i am really glad i decided to go for this camp. its great being able to take a weekend off to spend time getting closer to God and learning more about Him. Pastor Steven Low was the speaker and it was such a blessing to have him in my group because i got some really good advice from him during our devotion time.

"If a guy opens the car door for a girl, either the car is new or the girl is new."

the fellowship was awesome. meeting new friends and spending time together forces me out of my bubble and teaches me to be more open about myself, i guess. they are such wonderful ppl too!

we had fun working together during games and brainstorming for the sketch. this was one of the reasons why i missed camp so much! the feeling of working together to achieve a common goal, when we laugh together, when we protect our treasure together, when we eat together, its really the feeling of unity. its nice to know i'm not alone and when i was freaking about the sketch, i still knew that they'll be there to pull it through. camps are good stuff!

the games were good! we had to make things out of fruits, caterpillar crawl, get bombed by water balloons, make sandballs and eat wasabi crackers (thank God, i got my question right!). the last game which was Lifeline was fierce! i got scratched on my arm by some girl trying to steal our treasure but we were goood and we won the game!

another highlight of the camp would be the Banquet Night. the guys in the camp drew names and had to pair up with whoever they picked and go to dinner with them. ^^ it was an interesting experience. it isn't often that you get guys to pull out chairs for you and be all nice and gentlemanly. keke. my 'date' was really sweet and kinda cute. :DD Campfire was really fun too. i learned an African Christian song! and had so much marshmallows, i felt like puking. heeeh.

"Hold on to Jesus~"

my group, the Fiery Falcon won which is so amazing! it was truly a happy moment. (: to my group members, Sheng Yi, Kevin, Gideon, Caroline, Sonia and Chareessa, thank you for the great time we had and may God bless all of you always!

 its always sad when the camp draws to an end and we gotta get back to reality but the memories, the friends, the lessons from God that were acquired during this camp; I will always keep. 

God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

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