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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
its been a while since i started serving in the nursery. at first, i would leave the nursery after serving not wanting to go back again. i felt like a fish out of water because i didn't know how to take care of the babies and also because my heart wasn't really in it. but there was a service in church that really struck me and i prayed that i would enjoy serving, enjoy doing it for God. well, ever since then, i've always looked forward to the weekends i get to go in and see the babies. ^^

its not just because i want to serve God that i look forward to being in the nursery but because to see them smile is the simplest yet one of the greatest joy i've ever felt. you make a funny face or say some gibberish words and they'll laugh and smile at you. how simple is that happiness! although of course, i'm not successful all the time but its definitely rewarding each time you see a baby smile. (: they're beautiful even when they sleep too (but that may be due to relief of not having to deal with their crying).

i'm still quite young but i feel like my maternal instincts have kicked in ever since i started and i would look at babies in malls or anywhere else and wish that i have my own. :D i know its difficult to raise one (its difficult to even take care of them for 2 hours) but can you imagine the joy and happiness when you hold your very own baby in your arms? i'd imagine it'd feel pretty wonderful.

these babies have taught me a lot too. how to be patient, how to be persistent, how to be tired and still take care of them, how to handle their tantrums, how to change their diapers and prepare their milk. how to let go of myself and go to their level of simplicity and naivety. i hope this will groom me to be a good mum. heeeeh.

anyway, this is just a random thought i had since i saw these pictures on FB.

goodnight, everyone. (: God bless!
may you have the opportunities to feel this simple joys!

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