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Chromeheart: Revelation
Monday, April 09, 2012
its been busy the past 4 days, mainly due to CHCKL's awesome Easter production, the second installation of Chromeheart; Chromeheart: Revelation.

but before all that, i had a girls' day out with Andrea and Chareessa. we watched We Not Naughty and had lunch in Popeye's. (: even helped Chareessa buy an umbrella which came into good use when we left Pyramid.

as some might know, i went for all four times that the production was playing. the first three times with new friends and the last one because i was serving in nursery.

this time around, the production was brilliant (not to say the first one wasn't). the stunts were breathtaking and your heart can't help but be excited and nervous at the same time as you watch them battle at the end. i particularly loved the choreography; it was so captivating. ^^

 i still felt that it was pretty amazing after watching it for the 4th time. it really has the ability to pull you in to their world, their realm and make you want to stay so that it never ends. but it did and i'm definitely looking forward to the next production already. :D

Siew Min, Elysia, Chareessa

this is it for now. goodnight, everyone! God bless! 

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