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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Super Show 4 Singapore
Date: 19th February 2012
Time: 4.00pm
Venue: Singapore Stadium

the whole ordeal of getting the tickets and going to Singapore to attend it was terrible, truth be told and i'd quote my sister on this; "the extend we go to just for them is really amazing."

but despite everything, despite the traveling to and fro from one corner of Singapore to another with a heavy backpack and missing our bus home; despite all of this, of course it was worth it.

we reached Singapore on Saturday, headed right over to the stadium after getting off the bus to see how's it like over there for SS4 Day 1. got some free cards and bought some pins. since grandpa was waiting for us to get home for dinner, we hurried back, had dinner, hang out for a while with the kids and off to bed, we went.

we were planning to attend CHC Spore but we would really be rushed for time if we did. so we decided against it. left home about 10 plus in the morning, carried our backpacks with us as we were supposed to leave right after the concert and headed to get our tickets from the post office. after certain issues were resolved, we finally got our tickets and went to the stadium. reached there just in time to have lunch before going in to the stadium.

before the concert started.

the concert started on time, i think. our seats were less than perfect because we couldn't see the main stage but i guess the simple fact that we were sitting in that concert made up for everything. well, the concert was amazing. since when have any Super Shows disappoint? the stage was more extravagant this time; raised platforms, moving stages, with more fireworks and even the water fountain thingy.

all nine Super Junior members were perfect. Teuk was going crazy during the performances. absolutely high, he was. Min was super adorable during the happy songs and super sexy during the dance songs. he kept wiggling his butt at people! :D

Hyuk didn't come over to my side too often though. ): only for a while when he was in his pigeon suit and when he was being all sexy sitting on the moving box thing. then there was Wook and let me say this, i will never be able to get over his 'Moves Like Jagger' performance, not even if i watch it over and over again. the performance makes me want to jump him and its just so like him to throw everyone off guard after such a hot performance with that cute smile of his.

Henry was awesome, he sang an acapella version of Off My Mind which i found he only did on day 2. lucky us! Zhoumi sang a Chinese song which i don't recognize and Hyuk's solo was hilarious. "call me Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Choi Siwon. i belieb you." haha. but of course, he's the one and only Lee Hyukjae. Shindong's solo was epic. he did Hyuna's Troublemaker and Bubble Pop and because of where we were sitting, we could see him change his clothes behind the screen. keke.

Kyu was his usual self; cute, snarky, hyung-bully. he even translated the video for us during his solo. i find that there's a certain charm to him when he plays the harmonica. *swoons* Oppa Oppa was gooooood. i'm so happy we managed to do the fan chants with them. screamed my lungs out during this peformance. :D and Hae did a short part of This Is Love before Oppa Oppa. was hoping Henry would come out and rap. oh well.

when it was Siwon's turn for his solo, it felt weird to sing a worship song and it felt like no one really understood the meaning of the lyrics but for me, it felt really good to be able to worship and praise God with this big star who loves Him. for that short 3 minutes of a song, it felt like we were connected in this enormous family of Christ. ^^ God bless you, Siwon. 

this time, they kept going down to the fans and stuff. loads of fanservice! makes me so envious! Teuk even "married" one of the girls in the moshpit. grrrr. they better come to Malaysia soon!

i think i have more to add but i'll just keep them as precious memories to myself. thank you for enduring my fangirl post. hehe.



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