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Most Amazing 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.
Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Date: 3rd Dec 2011
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Stadium Petaling Jaya

was there around 5pm. seems like Jill and I have just given up on being crazy fangirls who'd queue up since the morning just so we can get good seats. experience has taught us how to be smart about things like that. frankly, being front in the row is good if you're in the rock pit but even then it depends on what kind of rock pit. haha. i'm sure i don't make much sense to those who don't even know kpop. maybe one day i'll do a post on something that goes Kpop concert 101. heeeeh! 

and while we were waiting outside, vans drove past us and guess what?! the first van that drove past us had Siwon sitting inside. *flails* Jill claims Donghae was beside him but idk. the point is they drove past us! a while later, there were a few vans, one had B1A4 in it and they were so cute. one of them looked quite shocked to see us.

anyway, we finally decided to get squished in the queue and got in about 7.30pm. it apparently drizzled a little but God was good and it stopped and we had clear skies for the whole night. we sat pretty far back because the arrangement wasn't really conducive for viewing but yea, i think this was the furthest i've ever sat away from the stage. DD:

it started of with a guest performance. it was some Chinese singer. didn't catch his name though. then MOA 2011 kick-started with Miss A. they began with Goodbye Baby and they performed Breathe, Love Alone, some slow song, Lady Gaga's Poker Face and ended with Bad Girl, Good Girl. they were good, of course and Jia seemed to be really popular with the Malaysian crowd.


after that, B1A4 appeared and started off their turn with Beautiful Target and a few more other songs. they were quite adorable. ^^

the main vocal of B1A4.

f(x) was next. unfortunately, there was only 4 of them without Krystal. they did Lachata, Hot Summer, NU ABO and another two songs i don't recall. the famous one was definitely Amber. she had people screaming for her like crazy!


and finally, what we've all been waiting for. SUPER JUNIOR! they started off with Superman and everything that happened after was amazing, wonderful and beautiful. :DD they did Acha, Sorry Sorry, Memories, Mr Simple, Marry U, Bonamana and Yesung sang It Has To Be You. 

pictures shall do the talking. they're not of good quality seeing that i was super far away. ):

Hyuk's intro.

Nama saya?

Yesung singing It Has To Be You.
Kyu during Memories.

it was so nice seeing them especially since we are not sure if SS4 is gonna be held here. it might even be the last time i get to see Teuk. whatever it is, the concert was truly most amazing. 

final farewell.

everyone gathered for one final goodbye and the concert was over in two hours. we managed to catch glimpses of B1A4 and Miss A when they left the stadium and then, that was it. they even left to Korea on the same night.

i do feel slight regret for not being in the rock pit since there were so much interaction between SuJu and the fans. oh well.

fancam of SuJu singing Memories here.
rest of the pictures over at FB.

thats it for now. i know, i know, end of the year post will up after exams. right now, my brain is slowly dying on me. take care and God bless!

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