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Sunday, May 29, 2011
Super Junior M @ Himpunan Sejuta Belia
Date: 28th May 2011
Time: 10pm
Venue: Menara KBS, Putrajaya

well, the day started off just like how any kpop-related event start; hours of waiting. SJM was supposed to come out around 9pm or 9.30pm but when we were waiting, the hosts said they'll come out at 10pm. we were there from 3pm onwards but we only decided to join the crowd of Elfs around the stage at about 6pm which was less pain for us, really.

there were a lot of other things happening like roller skating, local bands performing, paragliding, etc. too bad we didn't really go around since our main concern was for SJM. their vans actually drove past us when we were on our way to Putrajaya! caught a glimpse of Henry's backup dancers. ^^ which meant when we arrived, we were just on time for their rehearsal. managed to catch glimpses of Hyuk, Kyu, Zhoumi and Henry and heard Kyu and Zhoumi practicing their solos.

after their rehearsal ended, Jill and I walked around and finally decided to sit down on the curb facing the artists' tents. you know cus we were trying to see if we can spot any of the SJM but we didn't. :/ after the launching and speeches and stuff, we decided to head into the crowd before we get pushed any further behind and that was when the misery and suffocation started.

after listening to the local acts (there were a few of them and i don't know any of them at all), we still had to wait till 10pm for them to come out. unfortunately, Donghae and Siwon weren't there. D: but anyway, at 10, they FINALLY came out. started off with Perfection which was awesome! the crowd immediately went crazy of course. they had a short interview session after that and some fans got the chance to go up and cuddle. grrr. then, they sang Blue Tomorrow and the solo performances happened after that.

after it ended.
 we most probably look better than all the aches we had after the concert.

after Blue Tomorrow, it was Henry's solo, Off My Mind. it was the first time he's performing it and its to us! :DD he was looking super cute as always!

Zhoumi's solo.
Zhoumi sang Fish Leong's '3 In The Morning' and looking good in his glasses. idk, i have a thing for him in his specs, it makes him look like this super sexy lecturer. hehe.

Ryeowook's solo.
then it was Ryeowook's turn. he sang one of Theresa Teng's famous songs. i forgot the title though. after Wook, it was Kyu and his 'If Only You Heard'. Eunhyuk's performance was last and the best! he did a Michael Jackson song dance thing which meant a lot of crotch-grabbing and thrusting moments. *grins*

there was another short interview after the solo performance and then, they proceeded to singing Destiny. got a perfect view of Min and Wook!

i was so busy taking videos and pictures that i couldn't watch the performances properly. although to be truthful, even if i wasn't doing anything with the camera, it'll still be hard to watch them properly seeing all the head and hands and boards that are blocking my view. i'm going to be looking for fancams after this, especially for Hyuk's dance solo!

final goodbye.
Super Girl was the encore and that ended one full hour of SJM. for a free event, it wasn't too bad. the crowd and the squishing and the standing for hours are already a norm to me. its just one of those things you endure for the sake of Kpop. ^^

all pictures are over at my Facebook account and if you're interested in the fancams (i've got the first interview, half of Perfection, Zhoumi's solo and Destiny), you can go over to my youtube account. (:

for a more detailed/ spazzy account, head over to my sister's blog. :D

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