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Sunday, January 09, 2011
its 9 days into the new year, thus i shall not procrastinate any longer on my new year post. however, before i proceed, lets do a little recap since my last update. caution: long post is long.

had a really nice dinner in a really nice house that had some really nice drinks such as the one below. ^^

on Friday afternoon, we decided to take an unannounced visit back to ELCE or now known as ELCERIA. although its not the same place i used to go, nothing much has changed. some of the teachers that used to teach me are still there. one of them even got married. i was really glad (not sure if glad is the right word but yea) to see Mr Lee since he wasn't there the last time we visited and we simply assumed he left. it was such an epic scene, when all of us barged into his class and he's like "who are all of you?!". he finally recognised us but still, if you know how Mr Lee used to be, then you would know that the fact that we met him is really kinda brilliant. :DD he still looks/ sound/talk the same, albeit a little rounder on his face.

L to R: J, WY, Me, HY, Mrs Cheng, Mr Cheng, Mr Lee

i could write a whole essay about my time in ELCE, times that were precious and so wonderful to me. i had a great time there. i met most of the friends i still know now and learned a lot when i was there. ELCE is a part of my life and what made me who i am today.

and today, we took a trip to Taiping for reasons unknown. for fun, i guess. watched Tron there too. not a bad movie, btw. at least its not draggy and boring.

and yes, finally moving on to the real thing. introducing my NEW YEAR POST! *applauds*

2010 has been a year of learning, of stepping out of my safe cocoon and i guess, of being an adult. ultimately, it was a much better year compared to 2009 in certain ways.

in terms of Kpop and even Cpop (Lee Hom!), it was the best year ever! the year started off with Super Show 2 which was EPIC and then there were Beast, U-Kiss and JYJ. not to mention, i even went for Lee Hom's autograph session and kinda saw Jang Geun Suk from afar when i was working in Spore. great year indeed! hopefully, this year won't be any less awesome. Super Show 3 is only 20 days away! here's a link to all my fan accounts so far if you're interested. click me please!

diverting from my hopeless fangirling, 2010 actually started with much uncertainty and discouragement. STPM was just over and it was pretty clear even before the results were out that i didn't do very well in it. at that time, i didn't bother about what to do or think except to get my ticket to Super Show 2 which led to me working in Singapore for approximately 4 months. LOL.

it was a good time to be away from home; i really needed to go somewhere and learn to be on my own. although i wasn't far from family since i was staying with my uncle's family and my grandparents, technically, i was on my own most of the time. work was tiring, standing 10 hours a day is not easy but i had very nice colleagues and working there opened my eyes to people and how different all of us are and yet, how similar our goals and dreams can be and even how education is really important after all.

the really good thing about Singapore is its transportation system and its safe surroundings. made exploring the place so much easier for me. i managed to meet a few old friends and make a few new friends. i even had a little adventure of my own. ^^

i came back to Ipoh after my shop had to close down and i was suddenly unemployed. with some persuasion from my mum, i went to work in Lost World of Tambun where i assisted in the Junior Ranger's program. this was another place i learned a lot from; how to deal with kids and how to deal with animals. i draped Manja, the Albino Burmese Python around my neck as if its a scarf, i can kind of tell the birds apart, learned how to differentiate male and female tortoises and how to hold a rabbit properly. it was an amazing time. worked there till my time in Sunway University started. i gotta say i got slightly phobic of kids after that but as time passed, i realised that kids still have a special place in my heart as do animals. :D

it was a whole lot of worries and headaches before i got admitted into Sun U. i was really close to just giving up and finding a job in Singapore instead but by the grace of God, my grandma lent me some money, my PTPTN loan got approved and that meant i could study. (: and this is where i am now, studying and will be for the next three years.

unfortunately, 2010 was also the year i lost my grandma from my mum's side. my sister and I used to spend the weekends at her house when we were younger. sometimes, she'd bring us out to town and when she goes for her mahjong sessions, we would sneak out of the house to play. i miss her cooking and despite the language barrier, she cared a lot for us in her ways. i'm kinda sad that my cousins won't be able to grow up knowing her. thankfully, i got to spend some time with her when i was in Spore before she passed away. i still miss her a lot.

well, moving on the third quarter of the year, my first semester of my first year of Bsc (Hons) Psychology in Sun U started. so far, everything is going well. i don't think i did very badly in my exams, guess i'll find out on the 11th when my results are out. attended and still attending City Harvest Church. met an awesome bunch of people in my cell group, E7! a very unexpected thing happened during this time, one that came as such a surprise, i still wonder if its true but its a good thing. (:

wow, if you managed to stick with me and read through all that, congrats! here's a virtual cookie for you! i think i pretty much summarised the whole 2010 year. writing all these down made me realise how much experience and knowledge i have gained over the past 12 months. thank God for each and everyone of them! my only hope is that 2011 will be an even better year in terms of growth (but not in size, mind you) and Kpop! :DD


God bless!

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