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Tips on Having a Good Time Stalking and Attending A Concert
Monday, March 29, 2010
Sub-title: This is what happened to me.
Note: I am currently writing in terms of SuJu, thus you should replace my subject with whoever is it that you like/will stalk/attending the concert.

1. Do find out when they are coming. Easy, go join the organizing company’s Facebook page. They’ll usually let you know the plane they’re taking, what time they’re arriving and even the hotel they are staying in. Their information are true, just that some important lines are omitted. Example: “Btw, they are not coming the usual way aka through the arrival hall as everyone would expect. Nope, they are running off without saying hi.” Which brings me to number 2.

2. Do go to the airport early. Not that it matters if you get front viewing space because as mentioned above, they don’t come out the usual way. Do however stalk the guy with the big camera on his shoulder cause guess what *I just figured it out. Oh the stupidity of me* these people should be clearer than anyone where the famous people will be because duhhh, they have to film them. Why oh why didn’t I write this earlier?

3. Do wear running shoes and clothes you’re comfortable in. *Note: the running shoes part are not applicable to vertically challenged fans* Security guards are big people and you need the height to at least catch a glimpse of them. Running shoes are advisable due to the sprinting that might occur once you realize they are not where you are.

Suggestion? I personally think that waiting for them at the hotel is much easier because there is a higher chance of seeing them. Or maybe it’s just that the hotel SJ stayed in didn’t have some sort of secret entrance. D: I did not take my own advice though and ended up disappointed. Thank God for fellow ELFs that were lucky or weren’t as dumb as us who shared their videos of them arriving at the airport.

And guess what, if you stalk them from the hotel, you might be able to see them coming out again on the way to the concert venue for their soundcheck.

4. Do go to the concert venue early especially if you’re getting unnumbered seats or rock pit seats where you have to fight for a strategic location. Staying overnight is also an option. However, if you are getting numbered seats, there is no special need to hang around there so early but hey, why not? You get free gifts, meet fellow fans and buy random merchandises (not official ones of course) such as light sticks, which may not be officially sold during the concert. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on showing your support with a sea of blue *Note: this only applies to SJ.* right?

During concert

5. Firstly, placards or LED boards you intend to flash during the concert; its advisable if you’re sure they are visible to the artists you’re showing it to. If not, you might not want to waste your energy holding up something they can’t see and wasting your chance of watching them properly without the bother of holding something that could be blocking your view. If you do intend to make/bring any, perhaps only one and it must be huge! There was a fan during the concert, which held a sign that said “U Are Gorgeous”, and I who was sitting at the opposite of her side of the stadium could read it, what more SJ. Very advisable to bring placard(s) if you’re in the front row AKA my friend who got her Kyu Hyun placard taken by said name himself and even posed for a pic with it. *___*

6. Do wear comfortable clothes. They won’t be able to see what you’re wearing so its okay. If you want to stand out, get a blue wig.

7. Stand when the others stand. Sit when the others sit. Don’t block people’s view. You know you won’t like it either if someone else does it to you.

8. You will gape in awe. I repeat, you will gape in awe and your mind will go empty and the only thing you do is stare and think, “OMO OMO OMO, they’re right here in front of me!” Try to get out of it as soon as possible so that you could concentrate on their performances.


9. You will be sad and reluctant to leave. But do realize that you’ve just had one of the best night ever and that you actually got to see the people you’ve always wanted to see. You will suffer from post-concert depression and you will go crazy watching every single fancam available on the concert you were actually present in and saving every single picture you can find from that concert.

10. In any case where you might not recover from the post-concert depression, you could always hop on a plane and go for their next concert provided there is a next concert to go to and that you’re financially stable. (:

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