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Sunday, March 21, 2010
will be heading back to Spore later. ): i still wanna spazz with Jill on the concert.

so. Super Show 2. definitely the bestest thing that ever happened in my life. to see them face to face, watch them dance, hear them sing? its more than a dream come true.

pics are in FB. head on over there. not much on the concert due to brain malfunctioning once they came out. you can search on their fantaken pics and fancams! *must see* on the Internet. shouldn't be hard.

20 March 2010 - D-Day
we aka me and my sis planned to go to the stadium around 11am. however, we reached there around 12pm. there were already ppl there, some camped overnight so that they could go in first into the rock pit.

since we were early and we found out that the sales of SS II merchandise are only starting around 4, we sat ourselves at the entry of our section and I did my placard. while we were sitting there, two girls came and asked where we were from. we said Ipoh, doubt she knew where that was since she's from Thailand. she asked us for our favs in SJ and we told them. then, they just handed me a 12 Plus (a cosmetic brand in Thailand that SJ is endorsing) perfume with Donghae's face on it and gave Jill a Heechul's. she also gave us a Fino pamphlet with SUJU on it, a motorcycle brand in Thailand. :DD spreading the SUJU LOVE!

after i finished my placard, we walked around because there were other ppl selling SJ stuff around. we bought lightsticks and got free ELF balloons. i'm sure that's not what you really want to know but bear with me. (: around 3-ish, they were starting to see the merchandises already. big mess because everyone was not orderly. the guards had to whistle and yell for us to get into lines. LOL. bought two sets of character shirts, that's all they were selling actually. a set consists of a character t-shirt and a flag. i bought Kyuhyun's and Ryeowook's. would have gotten another one but max was only 2. D:

they opened the doors around 6. rock pit ppl went in first. the show started with two opening artists. first one were Thomas & Jack. they were pretty okay, can dance, can sing. next was a guy whom i absolutely do not recognise. he had nice flappy hair though.

SJ was suppose to come after the opening artists naturally but maybe due to some difficulties, they only came out around 8pm. we waited and waited and they kept playing videos on the screen getting us all hyped up and then disappoint us when nothing happened. finally, when the lights went bright and grew dim and there were bodyguards forming a human barrier on the stairs, did we realise that some of the members are actually coming down the stairs next to us! i was at the end of the line, so i was close to whoever it was that would be coming our side.

started off with Donghae and Eunhyuk popping out on the side stages and others around the stage. i couldn't see with all the fans standing up anticipating for who's next. FINALLY, finally, he came down, our side and it was RYEOWOOK. he was right in front of me, walking down the stairs and i think my sanity just about dropped dead. he was having his performance face on and doing some sort of dance moves because they started off with the song 'A Man In Love'. i think he smiled for a second though. can i say he is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L?

i have no idea how i am going to fit the whole concert in one post. there were 10 of them, 12 counting Zhoumi and Henry and there are no words to describe how brilliant the concert was. i'm thinking about going to the Manila concert now. *__*

i could see the friendship and love between all the members, the way they interact with each other during all the performances, the way they play with each other and the way they really love us ELFs. Leeteuk and Donghae cried during Shining Star and i don't know how anyone who went to the concert could not love them even more, all 15 of them.

seeing them dancing and singing live, its undeniable that they are a group of people with talent and hard work. they shine on stage. i'll most prob do a song by song post later on, hopefully before my memory fades *the HORROR* but i'm sure my sis will have an even more amazing post since she sat at the front row right in front of the stage which means she saw them up close and managed to touch Siwon's thumb. :D and Kristal who had her placard taken by Kyuhyun. *flails*

Thank you, Lord for bringing them here. the concert was undeniably the best time of my life.

gtg. take care everyone.

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