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23rd Birthday.
Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hello. I'm here to document my 23rd birthday. It started with mummy coming down to KL a little earlier to celebrate with me. We had ribs! It was a good fulfilling dinner. Meat is the way to go!

And then, there was a lunch buffet with boyfie's family as his birthday was earlier than mine. His mum celebrated mine together too. Aww ^^

And then, there was dinner with the girls on a public holiday. Didn't know it was a birthday dinner until they told me not to pay for it. :D that particular day was a bad one, so the girls (plus Jacky heeh) really made my day. 

Of course, cg celebrated with me too. Love the presents! Haha :D (Jill had inside source!)

And then, there was the birthday day itself where boyfie and I stayed at Aloft Sentral because I won a free stay there from a lucky draw in church. The hotel was pretty and I liked the interior design and the whole feel of it. No bathtub in their Loft Room though :(

Followed by dinner in Black Market at St Mary Place. Dinner was good, the ambiance was nice but the company was the best. Heeh.

Of course, there was a party where I got pretty high and everyone were sneakily happy about it. I had a really good time and I hope others did too. My last time getting this tipsy though, the effects are too terrible to go through again. Love and thanks to boyfie who took care of me the whole night.

And to finish off, my birthday dinner cooked by daddy! ^^ We had roast pork with apple sauce and Cammie baked alcoholic cupcakes (do I sense a theme here?) as my birthday cake. yum yum!

And this ends my birthday post. One year older, one year wiser? Haha. As I look back, there have been so much that I have gained and I look forward for more. A big happy thank you to everyone who wished me, who celebrated with me, who prayed for me, who loved me.

Here's to a great rest of the week. Two more days to a long weekend yea. 


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