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Thursday, April 03, 2014

the past three months has been fulfilling, enlightening, and busy. it was a time where not only did I step way out of my comfort zone, it was also a time where to quote Pei Li (my internship supervisor) I was stretched, where my heart was opened up for viewing, where my thoughts were made available to others, where every step I took was to myself.

I do feel that ever since the internship, this box in me that I have kept secret and hidden has been opened wide. as much as its a good thing that I am learning to be true to my feelings, to be congruent with my emotions, there was a reason why hid I all them in a box and shove it to some dark corner in the first place. oh well. what else to do but to go with the flow.

there has been one thing that has been consistently causing chaos in my brain. its driving me crazy, driving me to do weird things, driving me to want too much. I've been finding ways to combat it but there is only one solution really; time. if time is a person, I want to strangle him/her.


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