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Sunday, May 05, 2013
yes, flail post time! :D this is what happens when i have too much time on my hands and an unlimited supply of loooove~ ^^ plus i do have so much fun looking for their pictures and gifs. hehe.

i'll start off with CNBlue. as seen in previous post, Jonghyun caught my eye when he appeared in A Gentleman's Dignity. look at that handsome face! (≧∇≦) pretty obvious that he is my bias but i find that when i like a group, i usually like them as a whole. some people don't. hm.

a little info about CNBLUE; they're an idol rock band, debuted in Korea in 2010 with "I'm A Loner" which was a really good song. i preferred them more than FT Island. their latest comeback with "I'm Sorry" was a huge hit. it was played everywhere on the streets in Korea and they are now preparing for their world tour. their fans are known as Boice.

L to R: Minhyuk (22); drums, vocals, Jonghyun (23); lead guitar, vocals, Yonghwa (24); lead vocal, rhythm guitar, Jungshin (22); bass guitar, vocals.

and now moving on to BTOB (Born to Beat). i guess, due to my enormous amount of free time, i've been pretty up-to-date with all the kpop stuff happening, especially the comebacks and i've taken to at least listening to every song that comes out. and that's how i came across BTOB with their latest song, 두 번째 고백 (2nd Confession). super cute song and super cute MV too (especially the PJs version). (´∀`) i feel like my taste in music has changed recently and i'm into slower songs now or maybe the market's changing.

i was paying special attention to them because of Ilhoon's featuring in G.Na's Oops which i really like. so i did a little digging around, listened to their previous songs and have been pretty obsessed with Wow, their second title song. i really liked it and i have no idea why i have not heard of it before. and yes, Ilhoon is one of my bias. i have accepted my fate as a nuna fan. sigh. /(;-_-) ~

Ilhoon reminds me of Beast's Junhyung and GD. for young guy, he's got some swag and his rapping is not bad. plus, he's a really good performer and so cute too. :D

my other bias is Minhyuk. pretty obvious why with that pretty boy look. thank God he's older than me. somehow it matters, helps me make sense of this idol-fan relationship.

a little info on BTOB, they are still rookies, having only debuted in March 2012. they have a total of 7 members and their fans are called Melody. the members' background are quite impressive, for example, Ilhoon is Joo's younger brother, Hyunsik's father was a famous singer, Peniel's from Chicago and oh ya, they're under CUBE Ent. i'm looking forward to how they will continue on, i think they will do great.

L to R: Peniel (20); vocals, Ilhoon (19); rap, Eunkwang (23); leader, main vocal, Hyunsik (21), vocals, Minhyuk (23); vocals, rap, Sungjae (18); vocals & Changsub (22); vocals.

and now introducing the stars of School 2013 (please refer to previous post), Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. both are 89'ers which makes them friends which they are irl which makes them all the more lovable. haha. does that make sense to you?

L: Kim Woo Bin, R: Lee Jong Suk (✿ ♥‿♥)

Lee Jong Suk; model and actor. i first noticed him in Secret Garden, he played the gay musician that had a crush on Oscar. i thought he was cute then, he was acting all cool and heartsick with his flappy hair. he has the cutest smile and height and yea, he's like every girl's dream guy.

Kim Woo Bin; model and actor. he acted in A Gentleman's Dignity and made it big in School 2013. i love his smile too. haha. and his height and he always play tough guys in dramas but he's really not like that in real life, i feel. 

this marks the end of my flail post. disclaimer: i'm just doing this for my own enjoyment, so you know, each girl to her own yea.

all these pretty boys make me hungry. (●´∀`●)

till the next post, God bless and have a nice week ahead!

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