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Sunday, March 31, 2013
G-Dragon One Of A Kind 1st World Tour
Date: 30th March 2013 (Day 1)
Time: 6.00pm (Korea time)
Venue: Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul

asdfghjkl;asdfghjkl AWESOME. could it have been any other way?

i reached Seoul about 1pm but i kinda got lost for awhile and ended up reaching the arena around 4pm. thankfully, i managed to buy the GD ring to put on the crown light stick. however, i also accidentally got myself an extra light stick. :/ its up for sale if anyone's interested. heeh.

my light stick now testifies that i have been to two awesome concerts, Big Bang's and GD's. ^^

okay, now lets get down to business.

this was my view. i was on the third floor but pretty much in the middle, which meant the perfect view of course. the concert started a bit late, around 15 - 20 minutes later but GD is worth the wait, really. :D i'm gonna comment a little on each song based on what i remember. 

overall, the concert was mind blowing. the stage was pretty simple this time around but definitely not less sophisticated. props were big and pricey-looking like the shiny car that he comes out in in the beginning and the DJ stand thing he was in for Today. i would say that this concert and the way he wants it to be is more personal. there wasn't a lot of VCRs but a lot of the live band and him rocking his songs. i can feel that the focus was really on him and the way he delivered his songs which made them all the more potent. his performance was energy-packed and crazy. i felt drained halfway into the concert because the power and the high during his songs were like "whoa~". i mean, it was CRAAAAAZY.

MichiGo; the concert started off with a VCR of him in a futuristic car being chased by someone and GD will then appear in a shiny car, climbing out of it dressed in a racer outfit which made him look really good, matched his red hair too. okay, who am i kidding? he looks good in anything but that image of him with the shades and that smirk, urgh, i was a dead girl even before he opened his mouth. btw, MichiGo = awesome song. i am looking forward to the MV. as mentioned, its a hip hop song and lets just say, G-boy hasn't lost his touch. the song is gonna blow!

Heartbreaker + One of A Kind; right off the hat, the energy was pumped up. he moved on to Heartbreaker and i sang along (more like screamed along) to every word. oh ya, the racer outfit he has on can be unzipped and it turns into some sort of coat. and then, there was One of A Kind. i don't recall much of these perfs that were out of norm. 

Light It Up; oh, ho ho ho. guessed who showed up? Tablo! when the song started, i was like, "Noooo way~" and then he walked out and i was ecstatic. yeaa, you can imagine how i lost my voice. :D they had a video of Dok2 rapping to make up for him not being there.

The Leaders; and another guest performance, this time featuring CL! she looked gooood and to think she's the same age as me and she was 19 when this song came out. /sigh. i was sorta hoping for Teddy to join them but CL took over his verse instead. they replaced the second half of the 'whats up' chant to 'we're back', if i'm not mistaken.

Obsession; there was a short break before this song for him to change. i don't exactly remember what happened during the break. oops. anyway, he came out in a black outfit with a veil over his head. i know this song is all angst and pain but seeing him perform it, i really felt what the song is about. my heart was breaking as he struggled up the stairs to get to his girl who was hanging like a portrait at one corner. not to mention, there was a guitar solo that can rip right through your heart. i think i was holding my breath during the performance.

She's Gone; and of course, he moved on to another equally angsty painful song. and my heart breaks again. if GD can write songs like this, he can very well perform and portray the song too and he did. if i'm not wrong, he got rained over in this perf.

Butterfly; he lightened the mood by performing this, all sweet and cute and smiles. this performance was really pretty, kinda like the same feeling you get when you watch its MV. he had these big butterfly-like kites flying around and it was just magical. ^^ he was dressed in white and he was doing this sexy/cute hip swaying thing. i really wanted to shrink him to pocket-size and bring him home.

Missing You; you can tell even before this that he's pretty tired out. during this song, he lied down on the floor when the video of 김윤아 singing her part came on. the perf followed the style of Butterfly, there was a big tall beanstalk on the screen. very pretty. hehe.

That XX; he continued resting for a while and sang like an acoustic version of this. they brought this big chair out (like the thrones in Fantastic Baby's MV) draped in chains and shiny stuff for him to sit on. the guitarist sat at the foot of the chair to play. how is it that he can look good sitting on a chair?

결국; this was the song where Lee Hi joined him. there was something wrong with her mic, i think. towards the end, i couldn't really hear her but she sounded good effortlessly when her mic did work. 

Today + A Boy + This Love + 1 Year Station; another VCR before he came out in this round DJ stand thing with spikes all around. lol. clearly, my descriptive skills suck. anyway, he sang 김종완's part of the song too for this. then, the dancers started doing Michael Jackson moves and i knew it was A Boy. when This Love played, it went wild, not that it already wasn't but this is his first solo song. i think i was feeling slightly emotional. to be able to hear him sing it, it was amazing for me. oh, he had a very special mic shaped like a dragon. it reminded me of Lee Hom's guitar. and the mic could extend into a standing one which was what happened when he sang 1 Year Station.

Crayon + Fantastic Baby; he combined both songs like what he did in MAMA 2012. we got our cray on, ppl! he sang and rap the whole Fantastic Baby too. 

Encore, Breathe + Bad Boy; before the encore started, a short video came up and it was adorable. it showed him miming and the vid was like "get out! what? more?". then he did Breathe but the only thing i remember was him falling down on to the floor and rolling around after Breathe ended. he was exhausted and then while lying down, he started singing Bad Boy and we sang along. during Top's part, he imitated him and it was so cute. he walked and gestured the way Top does and then he danced like Taeyang during his part. he was so adorable! i think he might have imitated Seungri, i'm not very sure. D: after he finished, he introduced the band and thanked everyone. when he was supposed to leave, the dancers blocked him and was pretending to pull him back. he broke free from them and he was like "i guess you guys don't want to go home yet." kyaaa, so cute!

MichiGo; the last song of the night. after he finished, he went around the stage and bowed and waved goodbye. i think he had tears in his eyes. awwwwww~ he is so precious. its no wonder that he's my bias.

and yes, this ends my very long fan account. i don't have the words to do his concert justice. it was epic. i was like in some sort of daze when i walked out and the only thing that went through my mind was "wow. wow. wow." trying to make sure everything i just saw stay in my mind. i hope i get to catch it again when he goes to Malaysia or Singapore. the only regretful part of this concert was the duration. it ended slightly before 2 hours but i shouldn't complain. GD looked really tapped out and i heard that he had 2NE1 perform today (day 2) so that he gets more time to rest. poor bb.

to whoever that reads this, thank you for enduring all my words and i'm sure i missed out stuff. so if you have the chance to go for his concert, GO! you will not regret it. ^^

Goodnight and Happy Easter!

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