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Seoul baby!
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
i guess i'll start with Big Bang. ^^

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour: The Final 
Date: 26th Jan 2013 (Day 2)
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Olympic Gymnastics Arena

 what can i say except that it was super duper uber amazing? it was a dream came true. it was such a far fetched dream so long ago that when i was standing there, i didn't know what to feel. i couldn't believe that it was happening but when the music started and the curtain lowered, i just jumped right in and enjoyed myself. it was made much better by having 오빠 next to me, sharing this moment with me. it was perfect.

we sat quite far away but towards the middle, so we had a very good view of the whole thing. i didn't know who to look at, most of the time i try to focus on GD. the performances were flawless, the live band was so good and just seeing the boys feeling so at home because they were finally back where they were from. the way they smile and interact with the fans, its different. there is an ease in the way they speak and look at the crowd. it felt like a reunion and i strangely felt like a foreigner. still, it was heartwarming to see them this way. ^^

GD was very very sexy, his expressions and the way he sang, so sexy. haha. i cannot get the image of him biting his lips while dancing with the mic stand during Cafe. its no wonder that he's my bias. 오빠's favorite is Taeyang and as much as GD is my bias, Taeyang definitely has his appeal. both of us agreed that he's hot. i loved Seungri's solo! it was so, so 'him'. there were the guns and the dance perf and i love his songs. it shows off his personality so well, all confident and the "you know you want me" aura. he is so good at that, the arrogant, masculine kind of sexy. i do apologize that sexy seems to be the recurring theme here. :D there was Daesung and just seeing him smile that bright, ear to ear grin makes me happy already. i'm just really looking forward to his solo work. TOP still doesn't dance properly but he was very charismatic and cute at some points. he was wearing a cupcake/muffin on his head towards the end of the concert. it was so adorable! 

the concert lasted for about three hours. and the below llama gifs perfectly describe how i feel about the concert. heeh. will continue about the rest of the Seoul trip in the next post. till then, goodnight and God bless!


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