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Sunday, November 18, 2012
i have been away for a while, haven't i? i do apologize. there have been updates over on the Korean blog. so do check it out. ^^

last weekend was spent in Gyeongju on Saturday.

and on Sunday, we went shopping in Nampodong.

this update isn't much but i'm too hungry to make up proper sentences.

just be informed that i am speaking English like a Korean, Chinese like a Chinese and Korean like a foreigner. :/ its getting super cold now, it can be around 6 degrees at night and this is just the beginning. people are saying that it might snow in Jan or Feb if it continues to get colder. i'm having mixed feelings about the snow.

went to a pub/club last night. the partying scene here is interesting, to say the least. i think i much prefer Msian's style but one thing is true, Koreans are really good at partying.

other than that, i've got a presentation for my Korean History class coming up and planning for Cultural Day needs to start soon too.

i've got to head to bed. goodnight and God bless! (:

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