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Emerge KL 2012.
Tuesday, September 04, 2012
it has definitely been a journey.
this whole two months has been a ride; an exciting one i could say especially in this season and time.

unfortunately, i did not have the chance to enjoy all three days as out of four sessions, i could only attend one. :/ two of them were spent in the nursery, another one backstage.

with Emerge, i did a lot of things i didn't think i would do. for example, the beauty pageant. then there was the roti canai competition and Future in Neon. it was all exhilarating but so scary at the same time. this has definitely been the season of stepping out. now, i'm only hoping that i get to step out to Korea. /prayshard

with Yee Xuan.

serving in nursery twice during Emerge was really fun. i have missed it so much. having babies falling asleep on your shoulder, having them reach out to you, having them look for you and trust you; its so simple yet so fulfilling. sure i missed out on watching POS and being in service but its fair exchange. 

Future in Neon was nerve-wrecking. we were working on the outfit till the very last minute but i guess you could say our effort paid off. we were told that we were fourth and for non-professionals, its a really good placing. it was a eye-opening experience for me since i'm someone who's bad in the fashion, make-up, hair thing. i was in charge of our model's hair and this is the first time i have touched somebody's hair let alone style it into something. Thank God it turned out alright. ^^

her hair's supposed to like flames from Statue of Liberty's torch.

was serving for Sunday's morning service, overslept and missed the beauty pageant and manhunt finale, got to church in time to have dinner and attend the last service. it was my first time since Emerge started that i got to be in the hall. D: it was good, Ps. Kong preached and my heart was breaking when he mentioned that it may be his last time preaching to us. i can't even begin to imagine the hurt and pain he and Sun are going through. when i cried, i cried for them too. :'(

somehow, i could relate to what Ps Kong and Sun are going through. mine is not as severe, of course but the past one week has been terrible in so many ways and in some ways, the emotions and thoughts i had were most probably what they felt too. Ps Kong talked about trusting in God, having faith in Him no matter the outcome and to me, God said "its time to trust". it is the most difficult thing to do in this world; i can't even begin to comprehend the concept of letting go but God is good and above all, God can be trusted. so yea, its a lesson i need to learn and apply.

one thing i regret though is not being able to invite friends for this conference. i'll definitely make it my goal the next time around.

below is a picture taken with Audrey, Miss Emerge KL 2012 (also our model and costume designer for Future in Neon). so happy and proud of her! :D

back to studying now. good night!
God bless!

what love is this?

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