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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Neon Run.

every day has been busy. even when i'm just sitting at home, somehow there's something to do. this sem break is definitely not a holiday. plus i'm starting to freak out about Future in Neon because we have not started anything at all and there's only about 2 weeks left. *AHHHHH!* i can get real stressed up when what i should do is focus my energy on getting it done. not to mention, i have not done any research for my thesis yet. :/ 

this feels more like some rant post. ah, well. i'll be heading back to Ipoh on Thurs for the ANTS/BNTS camp. i'm praying that it'll be good and nobody gets hurt.

sorta kinda looking forward to starting my third year. it'll be real interesting and stressful and hectic. i like a life like that but i must get my act together and make sure i'm putting all my effort into making everything work. D:

here's a cute gif that quite accurately summarizes all i feel throughout this break. hope it cheers you up though.

God bless and have a great week ahead!

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