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Hunger No More.
Monday, August 06, 2012

went for the 30 Hour Famine Camp in Sunway Uni. it was really tiring. not only were we going without food for 30 hours, we had games like station games and treasure hunt which made me feel all the more  exhausted. the above picture was the wristband for us to go in but it is also an upper arm band that measures whether a child is healthy or not. when the indicator shows red, then it means the child is too skinny.

then, on Sunday, it was the countdown concert in Stadium Melawati. lots of artists and radio DJs and famous people came to support. quite a few that i didn't know of, mostly the Chinese artists. :/ i was so zoned out that i was falling asleep during the last 2 hours of it. was mostly awake for Korean and English stuff like that dance group that did BAP and An Honest Mistake and random ppl who sang in English. this is definitely my first time falling asleep in the middle of a concert. 

finally, Lee Hom arrived during the last 15 minutes of the countdown. the above is a collection of his faces. :D he performed 改变自己 and then did the countdown with us. he immediately left after but he did mention that he was in the midst of filming for a romantic comedy with Zhang Ziyi. so excited!

overall, it was tiring but worth it to know that our efforts and contribution is making a change is people's lives; lives that really need help. i doubt i'd do this again. being hungry scares me, i would donate or whatever to help but no more starving. D:

really glad i could spend time with most probably the longest friend i know, Steven. I've known him since i was 5 or 6 years old, that's more than a decade of friendship. 

enjoying my hols right now! have a great week ahead!
God bless!

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