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#18 Things I Want
Thursday, August 09, 2012
because its trending on Twitter right now.

1. New earphones

2. New flats

3. Jeans shorts

4. My old blanket back 

5. Hamster(s)

6. The ability to save money D:

7. Nail polish

8. Live in Korea (not just a vacation, but actually live and work there for a while)

9. Etude House Perfume Stick

10. Get drunk on my 21st birthday (I should get drunk at least once in my life right?)

11. A new phone, preferably Iphone

12. Loudspeakers

13. Being able to drive

14. More books to read (good books that make you feel and think and wonder and want)

15. More time!

16. RM588 tickets for Big Bang

17. New laptop

18. To be happy, satisfied, successful and somehow, impact change with my life

List is not in order of what i want the most. If it is, it would start off with the RM588 Big Bang concert tickets, then the headphones, loudspeakers, bla bla bla. :p

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