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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
so, i did all the things that was listed in the previous post. it was super fun, super tiring but super worth it. :D

Mummy came down on Tuesday and we had a good lunch and i got to drink (finally) the green tea + red beans in Starbucks. heeh.

finally got to see the Mickey Mouse exhibition. thanks, my personal Chinese teacher. :D

got to eat cream puffs too!

most probably the most nerve-wrecking time of my life (so far). this was how i looked during the beauty pageant. and no, i didn't get into the finals. there could be a chance later on as there was a miscalculation that happened but, meh, i want to eat to my heart's content. D:

dodgeball was really fun. got hit a few times really hard but no bruises, thank God. p.s. the ball is soft, so it doesn't hurt! 

Ps Mike Connell was here during the weekend and all three services were real powerful. too bad i was serving in the nursery. ):

was really blessed because i got to have McD hotcakes twice in the entire week and pancakes on Friday. not to mention, my food was paid for a few times. ^^

will be heading back to Ipoh tomorrow which means no Internet. i'll see you when i see you!

God bless!

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