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Thursday, June 21, 2012
disclaimer: this post is an extremely long one (albeit with pictures).

i'm bored, i don't want to study my Cognition & Perception, so i'm just gonna post pictures of things i've been into recently. :D

i've always been into Big Bang, no surprise here. just thought that the gif is so super adorable.

lets see; shows i've been watching (or trying to anyway). 

Big (K-drama)

i've watched 3 episodes and it seems to be going well. its like a Secret Garden theme going on but its okay. its got potential and Gong Yoo never disappoints. 

Queen Inhyun's Man (K-drama)

Yoo Inna was the reason i decided to watch this instead of all the other dramas happening around. i think she's real pretty. ^^ and i really love the chemistry between her role and with Ji Hyun Woo's role. i totally supported them being a real couple. Ji Hyun Woo didn't appear quite good looking when i watched him in Invincible Youth 2 but he's reaally cute in this drama. :D

and they have the most amount of kiss scenes i've seen in a drama so far. the one i liked the most is where Yoo Inna stands on his feet. how adorable is that?

kinda spurred my desire to find myself a tall guy for a boyfriend.

he's got a really cute smile. heeh.

okay, now some non-foreign language shows.

The Big Bang Theory

i am so in love with this show. i love all the characters, the story line, the wit and humor, the way they interact with each other. uh, so perfect. 

i'm trying to savor Season 5 slowly but its so hard to control myself! the only reason i haven't finished watching the entire season in one seating is because i'm so terribly sleep-deprived all the time.

Sheldon's character in the show is epic and Jim Parsons is so cute (for an old guy :D). i've got a thing for nerds, its pretty proven. 

New Girl

New Girl was something that i kept seeing on Astro and decided to download. its different from TBBT in a good way, its funny on a different level. i've finished watching Season 1 and now eagerly awaiting Season 2. i love Jess' character in the show. i might aspire to be like her; carefree, bubbly, and forever optimistic.


this shows satisfies the curious side of me, if i want to put it that way. the plot is really great and the science and everything is really intriguing. not advisable to eat while watching some of the episodes though.

Jeremy Renner

yea, if it wasn't obvious before, it should be now. he may be twice my age but that don't matter when you have eyes like his.

shows I plan to watch in the near future

Suits seemed really interesting. smart guy and law, not a bad combination. Smash; dubbed the grown up version of Glee with Katherine McPhee starring in it. 

recently remembered about Charmed and how i didn't finish watching it (because it didn't show on tv anymore) and now, i have the last three seasons in my computer waiting to be watched. Glee is good, plus i think Sam, Blaine and Mike are really cute. :D i know it sounds like the reason i watch things are for the cute faces but they've got great voices and killer moves and the show's awesome (and what's wrong with cute faces?).

see, i'm not that shallow. :p these are the investigative, crime, police shows that i so adore watching. (: Bones, NCIS, and Criminal Minds. oh yeah, i've recently downloaded Lie To Me too. 

of course, i've got some Korean stuff to watch. mainly Running Man and other random K-dramas such as Bridal Mask, Dr Jin, Phantom, and many many more . 

and yes, that's Park Ji Sung in Running Man.

okay, i'm going to end. i must or i'll never go through my notes.

this post does summarize pretty well the things i'm interested in. (: and isn't the new layout pretty? ^^

goodnight and have a good week.

starships are made to fly.

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