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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the letter to self that Ms Grace had us write on my first week of semester was returned to me today.

i believe this is the first time that so many many things have changed within a time frame of about three months in my life thus far. 3 months before and now are just two totally different era. 

actually only one thing changed; my relationship status. but it has made all (most) the difference in the world.

according to my letter:

- i have not only not stressed out a couple of times, i've actually had considerably less stress compared to previous semesters

- i have not gotten into horrible arguments with the now ex-bf

- and i've only clubbed once (now, this is a disappointment. :/)

- i have not cried or be angry about anything except the calls

- i have grown with God

- i have learned from mistakes (baby steps)

- i have build relationships/friendships

- definitely lulled a few babies to sleep

- and more than generally enjoyed my time than suffer through them

- might have gotten better at loving people? (work in progress)

all in all, i have exceeded the expectations on my letter in a real good way. (:

this is where I'm supposed to be.

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