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Monday, May 21, 2012

May's to do list is surprisingly short. hm.

books to read during mid-sem break. its gonna be a good break!

on another note, the past weekend has been eventful. it involved me being in a hospital, attending a funeral and eating pears.

the hospital trip was scary. i was faint-ish and had terrible pain in my stomach but all the doctor prescribed was panadol. thank God for friends though. but apologetic too cus i spoiled the outing we were supposed to have. thanks, Jian Ai, Weng Kit & Jia Wei! (:

on Sunday, it was Destiny's funeral. it was sad. ): but the most ironic thing was that i was serving in the nursery during the funeral and its so hard to grief for Destiny when you're surrounded by babies who demanded your attention and happier-than-grief mood. it was also inevitable that i felt tickled or smiled because of their antics. it was a room full of happy (mostly) babies who's gonna have a wonderful future and we were separated by only a door; on the other side where they were bidding farewell to 3 day old warrior princess. sigh.

once again, i learn that life has to be embraced fully. don't want no regrets.

you're with Daddy in heaven. rest now, Destiny.

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