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Saturday, March 24, 2012

yup, as the picture indicates, i am/was working at the @live concert at KLCC. its a two-day concert and i have just returned from a very tiring and slightly hectic Day 1. Day 1 was crazy due to SNSD being in the concert. they were the first to perform and they did about 5 songs and left immediately after. 

technically, this won't be much of a fan account because i didn't really see them as i had to work but i was a bit closer to them than the multitude of fans standing outside the barricades.

my group members and i took turns to go into the fan zone to watch their performances. even so, i could only barely make out their heads. \o/ they were real pretty of course and the usual la, dance well, lip-synched a little, had Tiffany translate for them, was all smiley and hot (in both sense of the word). the fans (what i really mean are the fanboys) were crazy ecstatic and man, were they good with their fanchants. keke.

working at a concert is not a bad experience and well, it does have its perks. :D like free entry to the concert. i've got another long day tmr, so i better end it here. goodnight!

p.s. Nicole Scherzinger is an awesome performer/artist!

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