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Sunday, March 04, 2012
Lee Hom Music Man II Msia
Date: 3rd March 2012
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka

mm, lets see. the day started off pretty late since we weren't particular about rushing to the stadium to queue and stuff. had a late lunch in Pyramid before changing trains three times just to get to the right station. reached there about 6-ish and turned out we could enter already. it was drizzling by then and we had our raincoats on!

i think we sat there for about an hour or maybe less before the concert started. met up with Stephanie and her friends and we sat together. seats were as predicted pretty far back and he was but a tiny person on stage but his stage presence, his voice, his moves; they totally dominated the whole stadium. somehow i didn't feel like we missed out on a lot because of where we were seating (although close up views would have been heart-stopping) and he was so sweet to think of his fans when he did this one round around the stadium so that he was nearer to us. he even said "now, all of you have front row tickets." awww~

the beginning.

 i don't know where to begin. he started off with Open Fire and there were fireworks and a big tank behind him. despite the stage looking a bit small, he really knew how to use it. there was a three-sided screen behind him and the graphics were beautiful, some were 3D-ish. i knew Open Fire was an awesome song but listening to it live made me realize that it is really an awesome song. he went on to two other fast songs and the band with the back-up singers came out after that. it was live band from then onward and that's really rare, i feel and so it was amazing. he sang all my favorite songs and i'm slightly embarrassed to admit that i didn't really know two of the songs he did. :/

with his one-of-a-kind guitar.

his clothes were super shiny and he showcased his other talents such as playing the piano, the guitar, the violin and er-hu. he sang quite a lot of songs acapella-style and most  of the songs had the fans accompanying him because its not in Korean, i guess and the lyrics are actually singable. LOL. the fans were quite different from the usual crowd i'm accustomed to. felt odd but the love was the same, always is, always will be. the concert lasted for about 2 hours plus. i wanted it to never end. the concert was mind-blowing. i was ecstatic when he sang Fang Kai Ni De Xin. i love the song to bits and pieces and he did it for the encore and *FLAILS* i was a happy person.

the ending.

the flailing won't stop for a couple of days. i have no words to describe how great the concert was and he is just so lovable.

i would write more but there's church tomorrow and i need to wake up.
goodnight, everyone!

pictures over at fb and fancams over at my youtube. (:

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