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Saturday, December 03, 2011
so, this is my pre-exam post. totally random and possibly meaningless but fun nonetheless (for me, at least). ^^

here are the TOP few movies that i can watch over and over again without getting tired of. 

Number 1: How To Train A Dragon 

i adore Toothless! he's the cutest thing ever. if i could ever have a pet dragon, i'll get Toothless. i love cartoons and animations and this is by far my favorite of all. there was nothing very special about the movie, it wasn't beautiful in an Avatar-esque way. it was quite simple but the scene where Hiccup flies with the girl and the sky turns from blue to black to orange was the most beautiful scene ever. the movie has the typical storyline; just because you're different doesn't mean you can't succeed kinda story which makes this movie a good pick-up during a bad day. (: and i guarantee you'll adore Toothless.

Number 2: He's Just Not That Into You

i know there's so many romantic comedies out there but this one just really got to me. maybe its the combination of casts, maybe its my slight crush for Justin Long, maybe in the end; its happy ever after in a more-realistic-not-everyone-ended-up-together way but whatever it is, i really like this movie.

Number 3: Transformers

come on, even i can get into cars and manly stuff like that, okay? i mean, Bumblebee is most probably the only non-human-car-machine character i love. he's yellow and so cute (okay, this maybe due to his ability to speak through a radio). i think its really sexy though; the whole cars turning into world-saving machines (or is it the other way around?) :D

the list will go un-numbered from now onward because they're all really good which i recommend watching!

The Holiday

another romantic comedy. Christmas is coming, so wouldn't this be the perfect movie to watch? i would watch this again for Jude Law. heeh.

The A-Team

this movie has it all; cute guy, crazy guy, tough guy, smart guy, good humour, great action and feeling good at the end of the movie because who doesn't love it when a plan comes together?

last but not least, Love and Other Drugs.

this is unlike the typical romantic comedy where friends for benefit turns into lovers for life. this one has a very realistic feel to it because its more than being insecure about love or having a bad past. instead, it deals with something real like an incurable disease that could really test love. and of course, Jake Gyllenhaal is super cute! not to mention, Anne Hathaway is actually one of the few actresses i like.

this is the end of the list. just something that i was thinking about which i decided to post here. really random, i know. time to hit the sack. end of the year post should be coming up soon.

God bless and take care, peeps!

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