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Korean Music Wave 2011.
Sunday, September 25, 2011
Date: 24th Sept 2011
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka

please excuse me if i'm being brief and not so explanatory about things. my mind is simply too tired from all the screaming to be absolutely coherent right now. do expect loads of flailing especially when its nearing the end. :D 

well, the day started off with lunch at home, took the cab to the stadium and reached around 3pm. walked around and got some fan stuff. i got myself a pair of Big Bang wristbands. (: headed over to where we were supposed to queue and sat and waited.

with Remita! (:

they opened the gates around 6pm and we managed to get quite alright seats. finally about 7.30 plus, the concert started with the MCs coming out and the co-MCs were of course, Kevin and Dongho. Dongho's Chinese was really cute!

the concert kick started with FT Island's Hello Hello. they went on to perform (not in order) Barae (I Hope), Bad Woman, Bing Bing Bing and Love Love Love. i discovered that Hongki can be quite sexy and has weird dance moves. keke. 

FT Island.

next on the list was Teen Top. they performed the perfume song, Super Love, Angel, Will You Be My Girlfriend and Clap. they were very good live and i find one of them really cute but he's younger than me. all of them are actually. :/

their ass-grabbing move! heeeh.

4Minute came after. they have quite a number of girl fans and of course some boy fans too. you can hear these deep voices screaming especially during Hyuna's turn who was of course being very sexy. they sang Mirror Mirror, Heart to Heart, Hot Issue, Muzik and I My Me Mine.


then, it was U-Kiss! they did Neverland, 0330, Bingguel Bingguel, Everyday and ManManHaNi. now that i've heard Neverland live, i might actually grow a liking towards it. (: specially loved the fact that Hoon has more parts in Neverland. too bad U-Kiss had to leave right after their performance.


Park Jung Min was so adorable. i wasn't so familiar with his songs but during the break, he talked to us in Mandarin and then forgot some of the things he wanted to say. he took out this paper but apparently it was the wrong paper. it was sooo cute~ he was laughing awkwardly and all that but during the interview with the MCs, one of the guys brought out the correct paper and he told us what was written inside. it was in Malay, something about "akan buat yang terrrrbaik." *^^* 

Park Jung Min.

finally, the most awaited for performance arrived! SEUNGRI! he was amazing. he came in all cool and well, totally Seungri-like. he sang VVIP, Strong Baby and What Should I Do. i was already pretty much losing my voice but you just have to scream for Seungri, you know! the atmosphere immediately heightened when he came out. quite a lot of VIPs in the crowd. ^^ but then, who wouldn't love Big Bang?

Seungri was being all haughty and arrogant when he was being interviewed but that occasional smile that appeared was brilliant. when he was asked about his feelings since its the first time he's in Msia, he replied, "Finally, i'm here." i'm glad he realizes that Msia needs a Big Bang concert. and when he as asked what he thought about Msian fans, he paused for a moment before saying, "Bagus!" kekekekee. so clever!


and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, GD&TOP! omo! when they came out, the crowd went crazy. i went crazy, screaming my lungs out throughout their performances. it was all awesome, beautiful and brilliant! i finally get to see GD live! best feeling in the world, i'm telling you. i don't know how to go on. they were AMAZING! they sang 뻑이가요, Oh Yeah and High High. it was just 대박!

just one horrible thing. there was no encore. )))': they didn't even come out to perform together or something. i was so deflated after it ended, not wanting to believe that its really over that i almost cried. sigh~ Big Bang need to have a concert here ASAP! 

still, i got to see GD,TOP and Seungri which is CRA, CRA, CRA, CRAZY! no words can describe how amazing it was.

and now, i need to head to bed before my head explodes. good night!


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