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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
hello, all! i cannot believe i have been away from this place for so long. its been two weeks since my last post and that, i believe is the new record. you know what that means? you're in for a long ride, so sit tight. (:

well, my second year at Sunway Uni has started. still the same old routine, get to class, get told of all the assignments we have and get lectured. apparently they have lightened our work load this sem, so hopefully this means less stress, proper sleep and pretty skin. ^^

with fellow classmate, Chareessa!

starting my second year wasn't the only exciting thing around. A conference called Vision 2020 held by C3 happened last week and took place in Sunway Convention Centre. i had to rush to Sunway on its first day because my class ended late and sorta missed the praise & worship but i managed to attend the rest of the conference on time, so all was good. heeeh. 

Ps. Kong Hee.

praise and worship was awesome. but what was really amazing was the offering challenge each time. they can really move you, the things they say and they're so eloquent and words just come out so naturally that you can't really help but be in awe. challenging people to give more than they want or can is never the easiest thing in the world but they sure made it look that way. 

then, there was the preaching. the conference took place over three days, Ps. Phil preached for the first day, Ps. Kong for the second day and Ps. Phil again for the third. actually, Ps. Phil didn't even preach on the third day because he started praying for various countries and that took most of the time. it was something i don't see very often and watching Ps. Phil pray and prophesying for all these different countries, it made me wished he said Malaysia but that will be too many people on stage. still, it was a good experience and the presence of God was overwhelming at that time. you get goosebumps just watching. 

the conference took place from Tuesday to Thursday and on Friday, there was an event called Love KL. every time C3 have their conference in whichever city they're in, they will donate a certain amount of money to that place. so this time, they donated to a family who suffered from an accident, the husband and wife were involved in a motorcycle accident and they couldn't work because of that. the miraculous thing was that the husband who came to receive the money and he came on crutches because his foot wasn't completely healed yet but during altar call at the end of the event, he came out to receive Christ and he was healed! i believe that's the first time i've witnessed a healing. ^^

the other person/ organization that received the money was this voluntary group of people who does search and rescue and things like that. the money will be used to purchase a new ambulance.


oh oh, and something else that was very exciting (but not very much when it was happening) that happened was that i had dinner with Ps. Saras and Ps. Dave. Ps. Dave was introduced on stage during the conference because he was in Pakistan and raised the dead twice. so when i saw him with Ps. Saras and found out I was going to dinner with them, lets just say i was freaking out in my head but the dinner went well and awkward conversation will always be awkward. it was most probably the chance of a lifetime to meet someone who has risen the dead before, so i am absolutely grateful to God for getting a chance like this.

after the conference was the weekend of CHC's 10th year anniversary and dedication service. the service was awesome with performances and Ps. Phil giving the offering challenge and Ps. Kong preaching. (: it was also my second time serving in the nursery and man, can i say how energy draining it is in there but its all worth it. the babies are so adorable!

we made a placard!

and the rest of week went wonderfully. had homemade bak kut teh on one of the days. didn't taste very bad. hehe.


love is patient, love is kind
love is free, this love is mine

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