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Saturday, June 11, 2011
U-Kiss "Bran New Kiss" Malaysia Showcase
Date: 10th June 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Main Entrance, Pavilion

yes yes, another fanmeeting! initially, it was a fanmeeting that required fans to buy tickets to attend but Radioactive took over and decided to make it into an open to all event. which explained why at first, Jill and I weren't planning to go see them but when i found out it was free, we decided to head over and take a look.

i guess you could say we aren't really super hardcore fans of them like we are for Super Junior/SJM. this time, we didn't bother to fight and be squished in the crowd, trying to get the closest view we can. this means however, that we had to tiptoe most of the time just to catch glimpses of them since we were so far back and i couldn't really take clear pictures or fancam of them either. DD:

mm, not much to say about the fanmeeting. they started off with a short interview session, then headed on to Q&A by the fans. so they picked lucky fans to go up and these fans get to ask them whatever they want. most of them were quite smart and took advantage of this to ask the boys to sing them a song or rap to them. some, of course just asked random questions. Soohyun and Hoon were the ones asked to sing while AJ had to rap which is where he did his r square pi thing. i think Hoon is really cute! :DD

after the Q&A session where the fans not only took advantage of the questions but also of their close proximity with the boys (one girl would NOT stop hugging Eli!), there was a dance competition. the boys chose other fans to come up and dance Manmanhani and Bingguel Bingguel. so this girl won and she got to take a polaroid picture with all of them and even got a group hug.

the boys were feeling so warm from the weather that some of them slowly stripped off their jackets and in the end, all of them took off their jackets which caused quite a commotion from the crowd, as always. and later during the album signing session, all of them really just took off their shirts and came out in their wifebeaters and sleeveless tees! oh ya, we celebrated AJ's and Dongho's birthdays too!

after all the talking and getting molested by fans, they went backstage to change into their performance outfits and came out performing 0330 first. no doubt they're awesome. the voices, the dance moves; these are the things that you can be sure U-Kiss will give their all in. the performances were flawless and it was really nice to see the two new members involved in the older songs. since we were so far back, it was a lot of tiptoeing. most of the time i could see the performances but i paid more attention to just watching Hoon. have i mentioned he's really cute? keke.

after 0330, they did Bingguel Bingguel, Shut Up and ended with Manmanhani. i kept watching out to see how well the two new members fit in with the older songs. so i was pleasantly surprised when AJ did Xander's rap for Manmanhani and he really made it his own rap and not just repeating what Xander used to do. i was looking out for that signature fox hand gesture that Xander used to do but AJ didn't do it which was a good thing. ^^ Hoon, on the other hand, weren't given a lot of lines in the songs which explained why i screamed extra loud during his rare solo parts.

after the performances, they came out again for the album signing/giving. Jill and I went to take a closer look at them before we left. Kiseop has really nice arms. hehe. this time our head were on pretty straight since we decided not to stay till the end and just watch them like how we did for the last fanmeeting.

ooh, i have no idea i wrote such a long essay for this. thank you if you've read all the way here. (: one last thing before i end, i just want to say that U-Kiss is awesome. its pretty sad that they still haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. not only do they always give 150% in the performances despite the weather or the crowd, U-Kiss really has the chance to go international. they rarely need a translator since Kevin, Eli and AJ speaks perfect English and they can translate for the other members. well, hopefully things will get better for them, especially in Korea.

overall, this fanmeeting is definitely one of the better ones that i've endured. one because we didn't have to struggle and be sandwiched by other fans. two because its free and three because we got to see U-Kiss. :D

pictures are as usual over at my FB and i've got two unclear fancams but they're not really that bad over at my youtube. one is of Hoon singing a ballad song to his fan and the other is of 0330.

don't deny our r square pi.

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