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Friday, August 20, 2010

i can't believe i forgot to blog about this. i watched Love In Disguise last weekend with Cam and the movie is hilarious and Lee Hom's fans has got to watch this. he's so gorgeous and dorky in it, its a must watch okay! although i felt that the dialogues and the way the plot evolved was kinda funny and felt very incomplete, my bias for Lee Hom overshadowed all the flaws. he emphasized quite a lot on the Chinese musical instruments too which i guess was really the whole point of the movie. D: but i like Lee Hom, so i like this movie and i'm gonna get the dvd when it comes out. heeh.

The Expendables on Thursday night. slightly missed the beginning of the movie because we went in late to the cinema. i think that's where the funny part was. oh well. the movie was okay for me. the reason why this movie was so happening was because of its cast and i only watched because Jet Li's in it. the action scenes in the movie happened really fast and i was just staring at the screen trying to figure out who's who. i was surprised that the fighting scenes were more graphic and gory. i kinda preferred A-Team more though.

and this pic was pre-movie. it was a very belated birthday party for Siew Min. and i believe this is nearly the whole of E7, the cell group i'm currently going to. :D

and today, Hasy, Kavitha and I met up in Lost World. its a change from the usual meeting place like JJ or Old Town. Hasy and I talked a lot about stuff, mainly about love and it was a really good talk, seems like we're kinda alike. :D then Kavitha came a little later and we went to the Petting Zoo, saw the feeding show for the tigers, sat on the rides even though it was only the 3 of us on the rides and talked even more. it was good time spent. i'm gonna miss Hasy when she goes off to India. /sob

that's it for the week. have a great Sunday and all the best to the SPM trials students!
God Bless!


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