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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Align Centerso this one is much better than the first one. i totally skipped the second movie despite wanting to watch the fluffy wolves. the first one was a little too disappointing, you see.

hm. Edward's not too much of an eyesore this time. Bella has nice eyebrows. Jacob has sappy love confessions and really white pearly teeth. the wolves are still fluffy; reminds me of overgrown hamsters. i kinda wanna nuzzle into their fur. 0.o and and there's more screen time for Jasper! and erm, a lot of faces. as in close ups of faces. and close ups of making out faces. not pleasant. at all.

the story was really draggy though with slow lines and kissing scenes! however, their acting have improved. at least, i didn't feel like throwing popcorn or in my case, BBQ flavoured Cottage Fries at the screen and disrupting the cuddling couple sitting in front of me.

listening to Justin Bieber's Baby on the radio just now reminded me of Jacob.
"Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
I thought you'd always be mine mine"

okay. i need to end this. the durians in front of me are calling 'eaaaaat meeee!'

God bless!


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