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Monday, June 21, 2010
certain important events have taken place over the past few days.

on the 18th, it was my 어머니's birthday. Mr. C treated her and us (we're a package, you see) to dinner in David's Diner.

these were supposedly her birthday cakes. Tacos with ice-cream & whipped cream on the left and pancakes on the right. the before.

the after. they were really yummy and we were really full after. LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UMMA! (:

on the 19th, it was U-Kiss's fanmeeting. an awesome awesome
day it was. click here for a more detailed account. be warned, its practically word vomit over there. all i can say here is that i got to touch them! :D

on the 20th, it was Father's Day. well, i already gave Daddy his pressie the week before. so, yea. a pic of us during our Penang trip early this year.

and oh, our face was on tv last night. on 8tv Nite Live.

for the Beast contest. LOL.

more things happening this week. looking forward to them although their mostly farewells and sad hugs. oh well.

hope everyone who's going back to school will be able to snap out of their holiday mood and 'suffer' in school! ^^

its spring today. (:

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