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Monday, June 29, 2009
saturday. was awesome. watched Transformers 2: The Rise of The Fallen with Jia Wei, Weng Kit and Carina. the movie gets 5 stars. i'll most probably be watching it again with my mum and sis. when have metallic creatures be this sexy? :DD

had dinner at David's Diner. the burger was definitely worth the hassle we took to reach there although Weng Kit might not feel the same way seeing there's a scratch on his car. hm.

"My sister followed everything i did until she was in Std 6.
She used to wear dresses until i started wearing jeans,"

says Weng Kit. LOL.

reached home pretty late. missed MJ's moon walking in the concert they were showing on 8tv. aish. i'm gonna go youtube it.

sunday. was brilliant. it was Youth Sunday. Jia Wei, Pei Qin, Adrian, Yoon Keat and Yian Fong came. even my BB officers, Chee Koon and Kah Loon went to check it out. lol. the walls were decked with black cloths and they were little LED lights all over. worship was good despite the restricted place i had to jump in. heh. there was also this song performance and in the middle of it, Deva started talking about opening our eyes and changing the world. seemed kinda impromptu which it most probably was but it was okay. he got the point across plus he's the perfect poster boy for it. lol.

not to mention, the sermon was most probably the best i've heard this year. Pastor Julie from GTPJ came all the way from Petaling Jaya for Youth Sunday. gosh, she was awesome. reminds me i should go for HUGE camp this year.

after that, my mum took me to this place for something that i'm too lazy to explain about. anyway, the point is i stole Book 1 to 8 of the Unfortunate Series from there. XD i am extaordinarily happy about it. now i only have to get the rest of the books. hint: y'all know what to get for my bday now.

and that concludes my weekend.

i most probably definitely won't be blogging much after this. STPM's gonna kick my ass if i don't start studying now.

so i bid farewell and take care. till the next time.
God Bless!

btw, click the banner. its for a good cause.

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