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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
lets start off from saturday which was a very hectic day. sorry, i'm only updating now.
eek. was lazy.

had Drill Camp during the day. the primers learned how to do the Guard of Honor thing. we joined the others and it was pretty fun although we had to repeat it twice. but we have been under worse drill conditions. so ya, it was okay and a good change from the normal GB stuff we're used to. around 3pm, we started backwoods cooking which was tasking but enjoyable. our cooking was safe to say a success; our rice was cooked (kinda), our fishes were salty, chicken wings were edible and despite the roti lilit not being as good as Sum's, we still finished it. left Wesley about 6.30pm.

went out again at around 8pm with Jie Han who's this friend i made during Scrabble comp when i was in form 4 and his childhood friend, Desmond. watched Hannah Montana: The Movie. it was erm, okay? lol. the songs were nice and the lead actor was of course, cute. i was surprised though by the guest appearances in the movie such as Tyra Banks, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. well, she is a superstar.

the next day which was Sunday, woke up early to go to KL. reached here, had lunch, went to play pong in nearby club. had Uncle Ronald over for dinner. he's a distant relative from Australia. gosh, i have a big family.

on Monday, we hanged out with Sum in Sunway. bought this yellow blob called Barrel O Slime. :DD i'm naming it Squammous or Squammie for short. lol. yes, the irony is that it is not square at all, neither can it ever be square.

Tuesday. went to One Utama. walked till i could cry. my heels were killing me.
bleh. took picture with this dude cus he was flashing. :X

that's it so far. will be back in Ipoh on Thurs and
that means getting closer to the end of the holidays. how depressing.


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