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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
PA 1 was the last paper today. now i just have like another million and one things to worry about. ==
anyway, watched Night At The Museum 2 today. it was good. this time there's more action, more drama, more laughs, more characters. plus it has a good lesson at the end of it.
have fun
. yea. i hope i could do that. x/

oooh. the guy at the counter selling popcorn looked like Kyuhyun. LOL.
this sudden Suju thing is so not good for me. on the other hand, My Heaven, Big Bang's latest Japanese single came out. the mv is to die for. GD looks so flippin' good in there, although he's having that creepy long hair which fortunately is starting to grow on me, pun not intended. *grins*

side note: omo. i finally wrote a 'pun (not) intended' sentence. i've always wanted to write it. lol. yes, i'm weird but i see it as an accomplishment. yay for me!

anyway, i'm gonna be playing and replaying that mv until i can memorise the whole thing. :D

btw, anyone heard about this Rotary Charity Food Fair that's gonna be held on the 14th June in Anderson? its on the Sunday right before school starts. from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm. my mum will be selling cupcakes there. so come and support. the money raised goes to Health, Hunger & Humanity Projects, Nutrition Programme for Needy School Children and Mental Health Projects.

its for a good cause so come and eat all you want. they'll be good food there. anyone interested can get coupons from me for RM10 per book. (:

till the next time. good night.

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