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Sunday, May 10, 2009
what have i been up to this week?
2 movies and a book are the answers.

yes, i finally watched it.
one advice, don't eat while watching this. you kinda lose appetite during the first quarter of the show.

and this book which i bought on Sat for RM14.90.
was so happy to have bought a book. i'm deprived of good books lately but this has cured it.
although i'll be reading it again cus i just sped through it seeing the exams are just a corner away.
its one of the better books i have read and one that definitely requires loads of imagination.
on another note, i can't believe i bought a series book. gah! i hate buying series books.
this means i'm gonna have to hunt for the other books. x/

another good question would be why am i doing all this when exams are nearing?
which is why this is gonna be my last post until it ends.
but before i leave, here's a lil vid. a COP production in occasion with Mother's Day. (:

goodnight and good luck in your exams!

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