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Thursday, March 19, 2009
which really doesn't make sense. they are incomparable and the fact that it was made into a debate is well, weird and kinda dumb? lawl.

moving on, DC Camp 09 was mentally exhausting because of all the tasks and brainstorming and coming up with wild ideas that doesn't work. not only that, we woke up at 6am every morning to discuss and talk. it was tiring yet enriching. my group's like the awesomest ever although we have a name that sounds like a part of the intestines or something. Ductus which means leader in Latin. was reunited with two of my group members in last year's DC Camp, Joses and Hilda which was really cool cuz we were already comfortable with each other and could work well together. seriously, i love my group. Miriam, Taranya, Vivien, Fredson, Moses and for one day, Joel. we were the epitome of cooperation, teamwork and having fun at the same time. chehhhh, sounds like i'm exaggerating, right? i'm not.

the theme was "You The Leader". so the sermons were focused on how to make us effective leaders and stuff like that. in short, passion, servanthood leadership, no self-doubting, compassion, journey and responsibility. the sermons were very useful and really spoke to my heart since i kinda have to lead the Primers which i was quite fearful at.

Fraser's was cold, rained a lot, had wildboars running around and insects flying everywhere. another important element of the camp was my roommate! *drumroll* presenting Rachel Lee. yea, she was a great roommie. *grins*

if you wanna get an idea on how the tasks were, feel free to visit Rachel's blog. cus she's the only one i saw who blogged about it. :D

why do i have the tendency to blog at such hours? sigh. gotta sleep. after i eat. lol. goodnight. pics will come soon.

send me, i will go.

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