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Thursday, February 05, 2009
"You look like a kitten dressed in an Egyptian costume" with the word Cleopatra somewhere in the middle of it.

"Mushroom head."

"Nice hairstyle."

"Suits you."

"What did you do to your hair?!"

so can you guess what happened to me?





yup, it got chopped off as keith so nicely put it. not even a month since i last cut my hair and now its all gone. lol. i like it the way it is now although i think i'm gonna have to put curlers in my hair before i go to sleep. its curling out of shape like nobody's business.

oh btw, the beanie i'm holding is a Christmas gift from Adrian. asked my mum to make a furry ball to sew it to the top of the beanie. doesn't it look cute now?

okay, what else? i finally got to watch Inkheart. since Michi told me it wasn't as good as i/we expected it to be, i toned down my expectations for the movie and just enjoyed it. Brendan Fraser's still cute to me though. lol.

i'm annoyed at MPH. where are all the books? even more annoyed at Popular. they are selling Jeffery Deaver's The Bone Collector and his latest book The-dunno-what-Window for RM32.90. but i already have The Bone Collector and they're selling The-dunno-what-Window for RM32.90 too. how unfair is that?! went to MPH to look for it but i couldn't find it there. and i want Eoin Colfer's The Time Paradox which obviously wasn't in MPH too. Mum wouldn't let me go back to Popular to look for it. ishhh. i want books!

today, we had the Voyager's CNY celebration. did some kind of weird lou sang with cucumbers, carrots, lots of ginger but very little pomelo, cornflakes and no sesame seeds. it was an odd lou ang but it tasted nice. that's what matters right?

rentas desa is this Friday, i think. and there's pong tmr. and BB meeting this Sat. and hols next Monday. i don't mind the holidays but they are really not helping me get used to school. today, i kept thinking there is no school tmr. and i keep forgetting Wed is wearing club/society/unit beruniform t-shirt day.

i have this sick feeling that i'm falling sick. good thing or bad thing?

i want Astro.

i recently found out that lots of people has really nice smiles. (: but not like in people around me, no offense but in actors and those famous ppl you see on tv. but the cutest smile so far is GD's or is it Daesung's or is it Kim Bum's? lol, i can't decide.

anyway, i need sleep. i only had 2 hours of sleep last night. don't ask me why.

have a nice Thursday!

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