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Friday, January 02, 2009
lets start of with new year's day. it was depressing. we decided to walk over to Rum Jungle at about 11.30pm to catch the fireworks but it was horrible. the fireworks were horrible. most probably because it was raining before that? blah. then, we had our first meal of the year. roti telur! lol. very malaysian, ain't it?

in the afternoon, my mum was craving for nan, so we went to Andersonian Club to find out that they only serve nan at night. we ended up having rice, the indian style. bumped into Edwin there. lol. got back my sleeping bag.

went to JJ. shopped! haha. we're doing our CNY shopping adi. got shoes and pants and shirt. xD watched Bedtime Stories. quite a good movie, hilarious especially at the part where the bee stung his toungue and he had to speak alien language. bumped into Shaun outside the cinema. hmm. that's actually kinda irrelevant. oooh, i bumped into Mrs. Ham though. she was my phonetics teacher when i was 7 in MMSB. lol. that was like.. centuries ago.

walked a bit more. had dinner. went home. end of day 1. and this shall be our official 2009 pic.

caption: "OMO!"

oh ya. my hair is short now and so's Jill's. okay. today. was. hectic-ish. haha. tmr will be worse. i mean, today will be worse cus its Saturday today. anyway, woke up in the morning to go for the so called "emergency" Voyager meeting. hah. all we did was hang stuff on the wall and clear the table. but then we did get to business and eventhough school hasn't started yet, i already have homework. sigh.

had lunch with Dinesh, Weng Kit, Mun Teng, Krizun and Jenny before we went for the rehearsal thing in Syuen Hotel. they learned how to become flagbearers. haha. i would've joined them but i takde prefect uniform. they got 20 bucks for just doing that. ish.

stayed there til about 5-ish. i was dropping dead already. went home and slept. but since i have to wake up at 7am, i'm gonna go sleep now. again.

before i go, YOUTH RALLY. Date: 3rd Jan
Time: 4pm to idk what time. Venue: MYC
COME! there's some concert thingy at night.
and you can get coupons from me cus i have tons of them.

good night! ((:

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