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the CNY post.
Friday, January 30, 2009
Just now, on sms.
Dad: What's that other famous singer other than Michael Bubleh? (spelling mistake intended)
Us: Jason Mraz? Josh Groban?
Dad: Josh whatever, yes. Thks baby.

* * *

staring at an empty blog post trying to come up with something to write is really tiring. lol. anyway. main highlights.

Sunday. went to grandma's house. realised we were just gonna sit in the house and rot. so we went to JJ and watched The Wedding Game. okay movie, plot could have been nicer. dinner, no lou sang. ): food was still nice anyway. daddy cooked. (: during dinner,

him: do you know cows release more CO2 compared to cars?
me: so we should eat more beef right?
him: no. we shouldn't.
me: *huh?*

another one,
me: yea, he was reading that book while working. (book in question is Twilight. xD)
him: no, that is wrong. i wouldn't hire people like that.
me: but he has nothing to do.
him: well, he should go look for something to do then. you can't expect him to just sit there and bla bla bla..
me: b b b ut..
him: i call such people lazy bums.
me: *judging a book by its cover or by a mere sentence is not a very smart thing to do for a smart person like you. =.=*


watched Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire that night.

Monday. Jess came to visit. sat at home for a while. went over to Uncle Eric's house to get more ang pau. lol. his house is in Meru, we got there fine, watched Astro. it was getting quite late, so we left. took a wrong turning, ended up on the way to KL, had to exit at Simpang Pulai. xD wasn't my fault kay. watched Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix that night.

Tuesday. went over to Uncle David's house. sang karaoke for a while. laughed our head off while singing especially during "ice ice baby vanilla". had pong in Bougainvilla place. got smashed by a little boy. got training from daddy. played for about two hours.

Wednesday. was my happiest day for this month.
MKMF 2007 with BIG BANG in it.
you wouldn't have wanted to be next to us while watching this.
squealing screaming fangirls are not healthy for your ears.

another highlight of the show. KIM BUM! he was sooo adorable especially when the girls were dancing around him. made you feel like kidnapping him away from those sexually harassing girls.

went over to grandpa's side's aunt's house for dinner. played mahjong. won twice. my mum made this suggestion to play where we can only win if all the tiles are of the same type, like say you win with all bamboo tiles. my mum won that round and after that we all decided to revert to the normal playing. lol. cus that was just too confusing.

Thursday. went over to grandma's side's aunt. came home with loads of food. watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. cute guy but weird show. made me feel old. bleh.

Friday. woke up at 1pm. eek. went to Parade to sell and buy books. and there's this thing where we have to buy something when we are in Parade. not something really, more like lots of things. lol. so i have books, shirt, hairbands, bangles and birthday cards.

currently watching Pirates of The Carribean: Black Pearl.
school's starting again. but there will be one day holiday next Monday. not much but its something.

hope everyone had a nice ang pau filled CNY.


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