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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
i realised there are a few things i have not mentioned although they happened ages ago. for example:

Sesame baby has been lost for neary two weeks now. She ran out of her cage while i was still in KL and she still haven't been found. i miss her so so much. and poor Mango is so emo now. all she does is sleep in one corner and eat and occasionally run in the wheel. she's no more as active as she used to be. ):

i am in the third batch for NS. looking forward to it but i'll most probably have to postpone cus i still have school then. after the BB camp, i'm not afraid of the obstacle courses and whatever else we have to do there already. xD

got an external hard drive yesterday. wheeee! now i get to download all the BIG BANG stuff i want. haha. the only problem now is i can't fit all of them into my ipod. ><"

watched Twilight today. it. was. HORRIBLE. everything was so wrong. the people. there were moments where he looked kinda cute but those moments were brief. ooooh, but Jasper is sooo adorable. lol. the dialogue. was awkward. those two have no chemistry at all. the glittering skin. is so fake. the plot. i guess they had to change the plot a bit or the movie will be super long but stilllll. the few things that were right were the forest, Jacob and Edward's house. the whole time during the movie, me, Jenny and Rachel were discussing everything that happened. xD

its always book or movie. you read the book, you don't watch the movie. you watch the movie, don't read the book. i'm definitely not watching the second movie. so if you really wanna watch, watch on a Tuesday or Wednesday and you won't lose that much money.

neway, gtg.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, HONG! YOU'RE LEGAL! [hmmm, is that a good thing? lol.] God Bless! ((:

night y'all.

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