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Friday, December 12, 2008
went out with Steven, Hong, Wayne and Jin Hwa today. had to choose between 'The Day Earth Stood Still' and 'Transporter 3'. well, from the pic below, you know what we ended up watching. it was quite a good movie. i liked it better than James Bond.

after the movie, we were just walking around JJ. you have no idea how many times we circled around the same place. Me and Jill were looking for mum's Christmas pressie. finally decided on one but we haven't bought it yet. LOL. the guys were kinda sweet though cus they actually tagged along at the back of us. usually, they'll go off to game or something.

oooh, i bumped into lots of ppl today. like Ling Hui who had the same hols, so she's back in Ipoh. and Yuet Chee and a few other random ppl. wheeee.

&& if y'all haven't or don't read my sis' blog, you'll most prob not know that we got a new hamster to replace Sesame. we really didn't want to get one in the first place cus it felt kinda rude or mean to replace Sesame so soon but really, i was getting worried bout Mango. seemed like she fell into some kind of depression or something. so we bought Junior. she's supposed to be Sesame Junior. so to cut it short, she's Junior. she's really small and really adorabe but she haven't been getting along well with Mango. she's currently in another cage until they get used to each other.

here's how she looks like.

Junior has the same colour as Sesame cus we didn't wanna buy another one that looks like Mango. it'll be confusing. and don't worry bout Mango's abnormally large mouth. she's just stuffing food into her mouth, most prob to prevent Junior from stealing her food. xDD

hmm. that's it for now. will post if anything remotely interesting happens. Take care!


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