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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
i'll start off with the BB Annual Camp 08.
Venue: Felda Residence in Trolak, Sungkai


primers went by van. others by bus. reached there around 2pm? set up the tent. walked a really long way to the obstacle courses. had an icebreaker game called "Satu, Dua, Hutan". lol. there's where most of my scratches came from. we crawled, got carried over and through bars, balanced on a swinging plank and stood on a triangle stick over a pond filled with brown water and tadpoles. overall, it was teamwork and more teamwork. xD

walked all the way back. six girls in one bathroom is pretty hectic. LOL. had our dinner, first session and our night walk. Edwin who was walking in front of me was paranoid about insects biting him i think. he kept checking his leg.

God was gracious that night cus it rained and we ended up spending our night in hotel rooms with air con and beds. had red bean soup and dorayaki for supper. discussed bout our presentation for the next night.

morning exercise. walked to Anjung Restaurant for breakfast, buffet style. went back to campsite. did the flying fox. twice. xP after lunch, we had this test thing for the boys to get their Expedition Badge. we had to get bearings and use the compass and all that. kinda confusing at first but we got the hang of it after a while. after that, we did the low ropes which was as challenging as it was fun. my bruises all came from there.

Annual dinner and presentation were okay. which reminds me.

Shoes polished black, belts gleaming gold
chest out, stomach in, yea, that's how we roll
shoulders wide, caps slightly right
with eyes staring straight ahead
these uniforms can definitely get a girl high

lol. i'm telling you Boys Brigade's uniform is the best looking one among every uniforms. xD

presentation was suppose to be bout 10 minutes long but ours was quite short. it wasn't a competition anyway. i was amazed Guy could memorize the whole line he was suppose to 'preach'. i think if it was a competition, their group would have won. what with Calvin and his storytelling and Guy and his powerful 'preaching', it was pretty good.
then we had another session of course and 5 ppl accepted Christ. amen!
that night, we had to sleep in tents. but me, Jenny and Yian Fong slept in a tent in the hall. don't worry, we still suffered. it was as horrible as sleeping outside on the sand. it was still as warm and we still had a insects in our tent.

started off with breakfast in Anjung Restaurant. then we headed straight to raft builing. after all our hard work building the raft, the guides told us we had to switch out rafts with the other groups. my group ended up with Wei Minh's raft. they got first on out raft while we got last. xD
due to lack of time, we didn't do the map drawing and knot tying session. ended up going home after lunch. pics are all underneath. erm, overall the fellowship was okay and since this is the first time i have built a tent and sleep in a forest, i'd say it was a pretty good camp. (:

walk in the light.

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